BSB time!

(Originally updated 12/29/2010) Next up for me is the battle standard bearer. I’ve had this model for a while and really like the way it’s sculpted I have just never had the time to finish him up. Now that I’m going through my entire army and making it appear much better I’ve found the time to get him completed. I went with the slab base / water on his base to tie in with the army and because I really liked the way it came out on my chameleons. Here’s the pics of the completed BSB and the last one is him with a unit. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “BSB time!

  1. I think it was coined as a “limited edition” model but you can now get it on the GW website. It was originally sold as part of the army box but you know how that goes… Anyways, I’ve owned the model for about a year now and just now got around to painting him, I know you know about that…

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