Chameleon Skinks w/movement tray… Complete!

(Originally updated 12/26/2010) I finished up the first unit of the Chameleon Skinks, complete with the movement tray. I added two slabs to fill in the empty spots to represent the 1″ that’s supposed to be between skirmishers. They can be removed for when the unit gets into combat (at which point the plan will have gone terribly wrong…) Also, I added just a bit of the water effect on the movement tray to blend into the overall theme of my army. I like the cheap way of making slab bases and figured the chameleons would be on it since it wouldn’t make sense for the chameleons to be submerged in water and also adds to the whole Temple City Lizardmen theme… Let me know what you think. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Chameleon Skinks w/movement tray… Complete!

  1. One more unit of chameleon skinks and a movement tray and I’m done. It’s easy to make and I don’t mind you ripping it off but just know that I do have it trademarked so you might have a lawsuit on your hands if you get outta control with it. LOL! Looking forward to seeing your progress…

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