Current Lizardmen Army List.

Here’s my current army list that I’m trying out. So far I’ve only played one game against the Skaven and it ended up being a draw. However, since both of us were unfamiliar with the new ruleset we determined that some things should have been done differently and so put an asterik on the side of the draw. It can basically be written off since we found out some things could have played a big part on whether or not both he and I could have changed the course of the battle. Oh well. I’m going to hopefully get a game in soon against the High Elves soon and will use this list. Thanks.

Oldblood w/shield, Armour of Destiny, Luckstone, Ogre Blade, and Potion of Speed. Of course, mounted on a Carnosaur.

Scar-Veteran w/shield, Armour of Fortune, and the Battle Standard Bearer.

Witch Doctor (Skink Shaman), Level 2 Upgrade and Dawnstone. Mounted on Ancient Stegadon with the Engine of the Gods.

20 Saurus Warriors with full command.

20 Saurus Warriors with full command and spears.

20 Saurus Warriors with full command and spears.

10 Skink Skirmishers

10 Skink Skirmishers

6 Chameleon Skinks

6 Chameleon Skinks

Salamander w/handlers

Salamander w/handlers

Total: 2,248 points.

I plan to use this list as the 3 Saurus Warrior units being the main line of the army. They will be covered by the 2 units of Skinks and flanked by the Salamanders. With the new flame attack rules for Salamanders these units are beasty now and well worth the points. The Engine of the Gods will be right in the middle of the Saurus Warriors to offer the 5+ Ward Save for the first few rounds of shooting until they get into close combat. The Oldblood will ride around the side and hopefully get some flank action as the Saurus Warriors engage the enemy from the front. I think it’s  a pretty solid plan and is very similar to armies I have ran in the past. I’ve had good success with this army and will hopefully continue with that. Anyways, just wanted to post and let everybody know. Thanks. Comments are appreciated.


4 thoughts on “Current Lizardmen Army List.

  1. I like the list. I like that you’re not going the route of the toad… that list is becoming too common. Can’t wait to hear how some games go for you. If I had to critque, I’d pick on the saurus warrior units. 1) they’re too small. I’d make 2 units of 30 rather than 3 units of 20. 2) I know you’re going with the spears b/c that’s how your current models are equipped, but shields are the way to go now. The 6+ parry works well w/the high toughness and good armor save the SW’s are already sporting. You should see if you can make that work.


  2. Yo, exactly right! That’s the only reason I’m using spears, I don’t want to rip off 40 arms and paint up hand weapons… I may eventually but I’ll just go with it for now. I was debating on the 30 man unit but ultimately opted against it. Lemme try this one out first and then make some changes once I got some games under my belt. Also, I know what you mean about the toad, I’ve been reading the rulebook and going through the lores of magic and you could definitely make tough list with the toad. You know me though, I’m a hand to hand kinda General. I’ll eventually make a magic list but it’s HTH for now. Thanks for the comment!

  3. I have to agree with Eric that the units are too small and will lose most of the benefits of the spear attacks by the end of round 1. I also like the fact that you are not going the route of the big toad (mainly because I hate that thing). 🙂

    • Hey Tim! Thanks for the comments. Yea, I didn’t want to go the route of the Slann, at least not yet… I will eventually make a list for him but I want to try out the Carnosaur list first. I recently expanded at least one of my units to 24 (see WIP unit filler) in order to maximize the frontage…

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