My first blog post.

So I’ve decided to create my own blogspot on the web. I have been talking with my brother and he inspired me to get this going so that we can all keep in touch. Since I have been doing this for last few weeks (on another site) I’m basically going to transfer what I have done there to here, so it will look like I’ve been on this site for a few weeks. But I just want to show what all I have accomplished with my army so far.

Currently I’m in Seattle, Washington and all of my good friends are family are back in Wichita, Kansas. I miss all of my friends dearly and wish I could be around on Saturdays to get in our weekly games. I figured that since most of them have their own blogspot we could use this as a way to stay in touch. I have, after all, found a gaming store here in Seattle and have been revamping my army over the last few weeks.

In case you have noticed by the name of my blog, I am a huge Lizardmen fan and have been playing this army for 10 years now. I love the theme and history of the whole army and how they are isolated away from everybody else in the world, working towards fulfilling the plans of the Old Ones. I have begun touching up my army and adding a few new units here and there in an attempt to win in the Top 3 (in painting) of a Warhammer GT. Last year at the Lonewolf GT in Dallas, I placed 4th overall in appearance and it has inspired me to go back and make changes to my painting and spend more time on the detail. The following is what I’ve been working on… Enjoy!


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