Lizardmen Challenge Token.

So the gaming store that I go to (Games Workshop) has a challenge board for both WHFB and WH40K and the beauty of it is that you cannot compete in it unless you have a custom made challenge token. I started raiding the bits box and came across some good pieces for making my token and set to work.

The awesome part about their challenge board is that, if you get to the top, and defend your position for 5 games in a row, you win a FREE $190 army battalion box set. So needless to say that’s what I’m going to be shooting for. Anyways, got it all done and onto some skink touch ups… Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Lizardmen Challenge Token.

  1. That makes me want to do a challenge board for our shop and have everyone create their own marker like that. Could be based around a 50mm base. That would be easy to do, just might have to.

    • I’d say talk to everybody about it. The only thing is that people have to be willing to make an actual challenge token, not just getting a base and painting their name on it. That’s the problem that we always had though, even when we would do a 3D campaign it was hard to get people to paint their army tokens. But if you got enough support it’d be worth it. It helps to have people that are interested and willing to take the time. Anyways, hope it gets going…

  2. Good luck to you. We did something similar down here but we each put in $10 and it went to the winner. I have to admit that because of that I was able to get in a game anytime I wanted.

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