500 Point Escalation League.

A new escalation league began yesterday at the local Games Workshop that consists of small warbands starting at 500 points. Each week the army size will increase by 500 points so this week we started with 500, next week will be 1,000 points and so on, and so on… The small battles will each have an objective (we have to randomly roll at the beginning of the battle to determine what it will be) that can range from “Take and Hold!” to “Assassinate!” I thought it was a good idea for me to get involved and get a few games (albeit small ones) under my belt, especially since I have only played 8th edition one time…

I was only able to get in one game but it was enjoyable one. My opponent is known around the GW as “Mr. J” and his army of choice was Beastmen. I’m not too familiar with the Beastmen army but his list looked very similar to this:

* Wargor

* 15 Gors w/shields and Full Command.

* 15 Gors w/shields and Full Command.

* 6 Ungor Raiders.

* Chaos Spawn.

I set my models out and prepared for battle. My list consisted of the following:

* Scar-Veteran w/light armour, Enchanted Shield, Golden Sword of Sigil.

* 10 Saurus Warriors, Standard Bearer and Musician.

* 12 Skink Cohorts w/a Kroxigor.

* 6 Chameleon Skinks.

* 1 Salamander (proxied from a Razordon.)

The Setup

There were only 2 pieces of terrain on my side so I decided to set up my (small!) army in between both of them to give them natural flank protection. I placed my block unit of Saurus in the middle with the Skrox unit to it’s left and the Salamander flanked to the right. Since the Salamander is a Skirmisher I didn’t worry about the trees that were there, knowing that I would be able to move right through them. Naturally, the Scar-Vet was in the first rank of the Saurus. Lastly, I placed the Chameleon Skinks about 18″ away from his Chaos Spawn, knowing that they would get to fire off several shots before he got too close, and, with no armour, I figured they would make easy work of it…

His set up was pretty basic as well, with a unit of Gors placed in the middle along with the Wargor. The Chaos Spawn was to it’s right, the Ungor Raiders were to the left of the Gors and the other unit of Gors were held in reserve, awaiting an Ambush roll…

The Game

So he rolled higher and chose to go first. His Chaos Spawn lumbered towards my Chameleon Skinks only 7″ and he advanced the rest of his army their full marching distance. Since there was no magic on either side, we knew this game would go pretty quickly… With nothing to shoot at (yet!) he ended his turn and turned it over to me.

Keeping in mind my objective (which was to Assassinate his Hero), my first move was to get the Chameleon Skinks at least 6″ away from the Chaos Spawn in case they didn’t kill him, knowing that I would be able to Stand and Shoot on the next turn if he decided to charge me (somebody correct me if that’s wrong, I don’t know all of the rules…) I then advanced the rest of my army forward and left about 10″ between his units and mine, hoping he would fall short on his charge roll next turn. The Salamander marched forward and so wasn’t able to shoot (a mistake I later realized). It was onto the shooting phase and I let loose into the Chaos Spawn. The chameleons, being BS 4, were going to need 6’s to hit since they were double tapping (which still auto-wounds due to the Jungle Poisons rule) and so on twelve dice, I managed to roll only one… sigh… Shooting = ineffective for this turn. I would have to only hope that their stand and shoot would deliver the knockout blow… On to Turn 2.

To start things off for his Turn 2, Mr. J rolled for his ambush and was unsuccessful so his Gor unit would have to wait another turn. Afterwards, he basically charged everything he had. The Chaos Spawn into the Chameleon Skinks and his unit of Gors into the Saurus. He opted to keep the Ungor Raiders where they were at, hoping to shoot up either the Skrox unit or the Salamander… Either way, I was ok with it. The Chaos Spawn charged in and I made my stand and shoot reaction… Another 12 dice needing 6’s to wound and only rolled 1. Again. So with 2 wounds on it already, the Spawn charged in was sure to make short work of the Skinks. The Gors rolled high enough to make the charge and so moved base to base with the Saurus. In the Shooting Phase, The Ungor Raiders shot into my Skrox unit and managed to only kill 1, to my relief. They would be waiting for a charge next turn! Onto the CC phase, my Scar-Vet went first due to the Gold Sword of Sigil. It gives the wielder Initiative 10 and, at only 15 points, is definitely a good investment on a Hero level character. And since WHFB is trying very hard to be like WH40K (that’s another discussion) we all know how important Initiative has become in this 8th edition. He also has 4 Strength 5 attacks with a Toughness of 5, not too shabby. All said and done, I issued a challenge since my objective was to kill his Hero character and I was able to only inflict 1 wound. His Gors struck next and even passed their Primal Fury special rule and so were able to re-roll their misses to Hit. He did a considerable amount of hits but needed 5’s to wound and that proved to be too much for him. Only 2 wounds went through and I saved one, so, in total, I lost only 1 Saurus Warrior. It was then my turn to attack back with nearly the full compliment of attacks. I did a total of 5 wounds to his Gors and with the wound to his Wargor, I now had a total of 6 wounds. After CR, he lost by 2 but still benefited from the Steadfast rule. It didn’t really matter since his roll ended up being an 11… so of he ran. I chased him down and stayed hot on his heels to within 1″ and next turn his Ungor Skirmishers were staring at a unit of Saurus Warriors, a Skrox unit, and a fire-spouting Salamander… It would not be good for him. Up at the other combat, the Chaos Spawn did a total of 2 wounds to my Chamelons and the promptly ran off the battlefield… they were mowed down when they tried to run and so I was now at a total of 8 models lost…

When it came back to me I charged the fleeing unit of Gors and ran them down. The Salamander and the Skrox unit charged into the Ungor Skirmishers as well. To sum it all up, the Ungor Skirmishers were splattered onto the battlefield and both units overran about 12″ away from the Chaos Spawn. My Saurus Warriors close to his original deployment zone since they ran a total of 12″ to run down his Gors. It was looking pretty good so far, but he still had one unit that was needing to come on the battlefield: the other unit of Gors held for Ambush!

On his Turn 3, he turned his Chaos Spawn around and readied himself for a charge next turn. The Gors made it onto the battlefield but, due to a bad roll, they had to come on his board edge and he opted to put them in front of my Saurus Warriors. In the shooting phase the Skinks tried to throw javelins at the Spawn to rid the world of it but came up short, and failed to do any wounds.

On my Turn 3, I charged the unit of Skrox into the Chaos Spawn and moved my Saurus closer to his Gors, as well as the Salamander. In the CC phase, a lone skink was able to jab his javelin into the eye(s) of the Chaos Spawn and finally drop him. The other units would wait for the Gors to make their final stand…

On what would prove to be the last turn Mr. J charged his Gors into my waiting unit of Saurus Warriors. He was able to successfully roll for the Primal Fury and was able to do slightly better in combat this time, however, so was I… My Scar-Veteran hit and wounded on all 4 attacks and the Saurus did another 3 wounds to his 3 wounds total. There was no Steadfast rule to help him this time and he eventually fled the battlefield and was ran down and hacked to pieces by the bloodthirsty Lizardmen… The Lizards looked around the battlefield and seen only corpses of their once former foes littered across the ground… Licking their lips with their forked tongues, each member of the Lizardmen, having successfully defended their precious jungles,  strode back towards the steaming jungles of Lustria, smiling in a way that only Lizards can…

So the game only last 4 turns and I had a couple of pretty good rolls and, as you can tell, he had a couple rolls that should have gone differently. I guess that’s why you have to roll the dice! It was a fun, quick game and we are going to rematch next week with 1,000 point lists. So, all told, I lost only 11 models and it turned out to be a Massacre in my favor. More to come next week!


3 thoughts on “500 Point Escalation League.

  1. Nice win. Mr. J should think about bringing a Shamen. At S3, Beastmen are… well, weak. It was clearly shown in your game against him. LM v Beast w/o any magic buffs = bad time for the beast. Congrats on the win!

  2. Thanks! Even though I did discover that I cheated him on the Stand and Shoot Reaction from the chameleon skinks and the Chaos Spawn. Oh well, still learning and now I’ll know for next time. Thanks for reading!

  3. Nice battle report, it looks like your skar veteran was the MVP of this game. I even felt bad for the wargor during that challenge… You played well by running your toughest unit right up his gut and he didn’t have a counter to it.

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