WIP Unit filler for my Saurus Unit.

So I’ve been looking around on this other website that I frequent (www.lustria-online.com) and there is a post that talks about Unit Fillers. As I read through the post my mind started racing, thinking of what I could use to represent a good unit filler. I remembered that I had several jungle swarms laying around in my bits box. I also had a spare monster base laying around and after reading the comments about my current army list, I decided it’s a good idea to up my unit size from 20 to 24. This would be the perfect way to do it. I wanted to make it look as though the Saurus are in the jungle and bursting through in order to get to their foes. I put only 1 Saurus Warrior on the base and several small lizards from the Jungle Swarm bits. I am very pleased with the way that it turned out and am now about 90% complete with it. I need to go back and add some vines made from green stuff and touch up the lizards on the base. I also need to add a shield so that he ties in with the rest of the unit. Anyways, here’s some pics of the Unit Filler by itself and then with the unit. Enjoy!


7 thoughts on “WIP Unit filler for my Saurus Unit.

  1. I like it, another thing that you could do to fill some space is to have some sarurus warriors carrying blocks of old stones that could have belonged to an ancient pyramid.

  2. I’ve never even thought of this before. But it makes sense with all the infantry that now dominate the game. This is giving me some ideas!!

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