Bizzare Bazzar today at GW.

So it was pretty cool today, as the local GW held an event called the “Bizzare Bazzar”. Basically, everybody brought in their spare bits, models, boxed sets, etc. and put them up for sale or trade. The only catch was that, if there was a sale, the money was paid to GW and put onto a gift card so that the money would be put back into the store. There was a TON of bits up there and entire armies were traded and sold throughout the day. I had about 16 spare Grey Knights and 2 Grey Knight Terminators that I took up there, I also took my bitz box and anything that I didn’t need anymore. I got my hands on some good stuff to help bolster my next army, Orcs & Goblins, and even found some stuff for my Salamanders army and my Lizardmen army. It was a good idea I thought, a good way for people to unload stuff that they no longer needed and give other people a chance to get stuff that they may have been looking for. It was also a good idea to do the Gift Cards, as it keeps the cashflow in the store and promotes the hobby. Anyways, just a quick update and pic of some of the stuff I got. It was pretty cool, everybody had their stuff set out on tables and it was like a flea market, just going through the different boxes of stuff, grabbing what you needed or wanted, and offering a price or trade. It was cool. Now I’m getting set on my O&G army and just need 1 more Salamander to complete my Lizardmen. Peace!


3 thoughts on “Bizzare Bazzar today at GW.

  1. Man, I want to use this idea at our shop. I wonder if we’d have any interest. I know people have alot of things just laying aroudn and I’m sure everyone could benefit from this. I’ll have to look into this.

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