Seattle Conquest Grand Tournament this upcoming weekend!

So… I have decided to participate in this upcoming weekend’s Seattle Conquest Grand Tournament. I was browsing around on the ‘net and found that this weekend is when it’s supposed to take place. I had impeccable timing too… when I went to go see if they had tickets available there was a total of 10 hours left to buy tickets… So anyways, I purchased one, and have basically motivated myself to finish up the remainder of my army in preparation for this weekend’s festivities…

I plan on taking my camera and posting battle reports of each battle, complete with pictures and army lists (if possible). As some of you may know, I placed 4th last year in the Lonewolf GT in Dallas and it helped to motivate me to make my army better. Since then, I have touched up my army so that each model has had careful attention given to it, added vines made from green stuff, upgraded units, picked out eyes, shields, etc. to give my army a much better appearance. So, needless to say, I am going for the appearance award in the tournament. While I do not want to get my ass kicked all up and down the battlefield this weekend, it is not as big of a deal to dish out several wins, thus, my list is very balanced and not favored towards any particular phase of the game. At last year’s Dallas GT, I posted a 2-3 record… I’d like to be over the .500 mark this year, so I’m hoping for at least 3 wins… and to be honest, I’d be surprised if I pulled out more than that.

In the coming days, I’ll post my progress on the remainder of the army and some pictures to show what it all looks like. To sum up what is left, this is what remains to paint:

– A movement tray for 10 skinks

– 2 Chameleon Skinks

– A Unit Filler for my Saurus Warriors

– A Salamander

– Various touch-ups on the EOTG, Skink Priest, and Skink Skirmishers

If you know my brother and I, this seems like a lot of work for most people, but this should be no problem for me… especially since I’ll have each evening from now until Friday night… Again, pics coming to show what has been done.

If anybody has suggestions on what to expect (maybe), what I should do to help get a good score, and to give suggestions on a list… I’m all ears. I will take it all into consideration and hope to give everybody an update on the progress this weekend. Thanks for the support and check back to see how it’s going!


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