Seattle GT – Day 1.

Ok… so, first of all, I finished the day 1-1-1… I will post a brief summary of each game below but first a few pointers. There was a total of fourteen (14) gamers for the Warhammer Fantasy portion of the GT so that left me with a bad taste in my mouth… I was told there was at least 24 gamers and apparently some of them didn’t bother to show up (even though they paid their money). In total, there were over 70 players for the 40k portion of the GT and there was some pretty sweet lookin’ armies. There were lots of well converted armies as well as excellently painted armies. Overall, I’m not thrilled with how this GT is being ran but I guess I have to go with the cards that I was dealt. Apparently, this GT has had some problems in the past with cheatin’ gamers (and apparently there’s a youtube video of this) and the Fantasy portion has continued to plummet with each passing year. I even heard that this year would probably be the last year for this particular GT. They have a Lord of the Rings section for this GT, as it is a qualifying tournament, but, alas… there is only 2 gamers…. so both of them will get invited to participate in the Las Vegas GT in June. I guess the thing I really don’t like about these types of tournaments is that out of the 14 armies there are a total of about 7 of them that are fully painted… Some guys simply have some straight cheese lists with no painted armies are are leading the boards with 59 – 60 battle points in 3 games. So far today, I have 37 battle points and have posted a 1-1-1 record. I have faced Daemons of Chaos, Dark Elves, and Vampire Counts. I thought it was cool that they tournament organizers made it a point to not play the same codex more than once (if possible) and so far that has worked well. Here’s my army:

So, onto some lessons learned… yea… I had originally put the “Banner of Eternal Flame” into my list and had the BSB carrying it but ultimately opted not to include it… I truly believe that if I had included it in my army then I’d be 3-0 right now… it would have come in handy in both games and would have really tipped the scales in my favor.. But, oh well, I decided to take it out and now I know better. One other thing is that I included 2 Razordons in my list in lieu of 2 Salamanders… even though they have done me very well so far to this point I know that they have been in much better position to do more damage if they were actually Salamanders. I didn’t get the chance to finish them up before the tournament so I had to go with what I had painted, which were the 2 Razordons. I have come to discover that flaming attacks in the 8th edition are key and if I had made those 2 changes in my list then I’d be sitting pretty right now… Oh well, a lesson I’m glad I learned, though I wish it wouldn’t have been the hard way…

A quick summary of my games:

Game 1: vs. Daemons of Chaos

First of all, this guy was really cool and a very good player. He had 2 big brick units of Daemons that I believe were Plaguebearers and Pink horrors. A couple of the highlights of the game were that my Oldblood and Carnosaur charged in with a unit of Saurus warriors on the Plaguebearers… this is where I had a problem because of the lack of “fire” power. Had I had the banner that gave me flaming attacks I would have made short of work them (or at least killed them a little bit easier). He ultimately killed my OB with The Skulltaker as he did the Heroic Killing Blow on him with only 1 wound and I failed my 4+ ward save… The Carnosaur eventually finished him off so that got me my 2 extra battle points. We stayed in combat for a few more rounds and then he eventually killed the Carnosaur, ran off a unit of big Saurus and finished off some other units… There were plenty of chances for me to end him but I couldn’t because of his ability to have a 4+ regeneration roll…

Game 2: vs. Dark Elves

This game was one of my favorite today. We played the “Meeting Engagement” scenario and I had to basically kill twice as much as his army in order for me to win the game. In the beginning, I rolled 1’s on my OB and a Razordon so they both had to come in as reserves. He held in a unit of Witch Elves and Crossbowmen. This game got pretty bloody and even though he was able to kill off several members of several different units, he failed to kill an entire unit of something and so he scored very little victory points. I had a killer turn 3 in which I took a calculated risk and kept my EOTG still just so that he could use his Burning Alignment special ability. He had about 6 different units about 7″ away from my EOTG, one of which was his level 3 wizards… So I kept the EOTG in place and withstood the charge from the hydra the next turn but was able to kill off several Dark Elves due to the Burning alignment and even his wizard… The risk was worth the reward. After that, my Carnosaur mowed down the Hydra and the other units finished him off and it turned out to be a Massacre, in which I scored more than 1,200 points more than him. Another good game and the opposing General was one of my favorite opponents so far. So, at this point, I’m 1-1…

Game 3: vs. Vampire Counts

My opponent’s name in this game is Joaquin and he turned out to be a real cool guy. So much so that afterwards we went out a grabbed a few beers. He’s part of a gaming group here in Seattle and there are a few guys in this tournament that are all affiliated. They all seem pretty cool and have showed it in their games in which I’ve played them so far in this tournament. Joaquin went with the “all eggs in one basket” approach for this army list. He had 4 characters in one unit of Skeletons and a banner that gave them the 4+ regeneration roll… I must have wounded, on average, abou 15 skeletons a turn but he was able to cut that in half because of the banner… Since we were stuck in combat for the better part of the game, he eventually got his other units in the rear and the flank and it went down to the end. We played the watchtower scenario and we both had it contested, so it ended up a draw. It was a very good game and a longer story to tell at this point but if really came down to a dice roll.

I’m typing this in the lobby of the Hotel right now and so far we have 4 games down. I just played Empire and won the game so I’m sitting at 2-1-1 at the moment, with the final game looming. I’ll post more info on it this afternoon. Check back!


2 thoughts on “Seattle GT – Day 1.

  1. Wow! Nice summaries. All of those armies look FANTASTIC! did everyone bring their own displays?

    Flaming banner is sadly a must nowadays, unless you have access to a cheap and plentiful lore of fire. Regen is just too common in big monsters and rough units.

  2. Hey Zebrazach… yea, I agree, sad but true. You have to have some kinda flaming attacks nowadays… Oh well.

    To answer your question, display boards are pretty common in the tournament settings, however, they are not required. It is almost becoming “mandatory” though because it really helps bring out an army… Kinda like the flaming banner, lol! Hey, thanks for checking out the blog and thanks for the comment!

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