Seattle GT – Day 2. Invite to the Las Vegas GT & Best Painted Overall!

Ok… so I ended the tournament with a 2-1-2 record and received an invitation to this summer’s Grand Tournament in Las Vegas. I ended up with a total of 68 battle points and 48 out of 50 appearance points. My total for the entire tournament was 161 points and 2nd place Overall. Since this was a qualifying GT they take the top 2 to the tournament in Las Vegas and so now I have a golden ticket to the big dance! So, in all, I got Best Painted Army, the Player’s Choice Award, and 2nd place Overall and lots of pretty good Swag… I received a few blisters of some Dwarf Stuff and others of some Chaos Stuff and even a Limited Edition “Harry the Hammer” model, I was very pleased… All well worth it and now I have some trade bait.

The goods (and, yes, they misspelled my name on the Best Painted Award):

So, to sum up the day I played the Empire to start off Game 4.

Game 4: vs. the Empire

We had to play the scenario based on Fortitude and banner points, which I had an advantage because I had a total of 6 points and he only had 4. His artillery was very tough on my army and he even picked off the Skink Shaman on the EOTG with his cannon on Turn 1. His army was the “Stank Walter” combo combined with a mortar, a cannon, and the Hellblaster volley gun… I had a tough time getting across the board but the Ancient Stegadon charged his War Altar and managed to put 2 wounds in the first time… He had a few Strength 10 hits (by way of some special item) that he should have finished off my Steg with but rolled 1’s on so I was able to finish him off… Once that happened, it was pretty much game, set, and match because it brought him down to his Breaking Point so it was over with. Had it been a straight up Pitched Battle I believe I would have gotten obilterated once it was all said and done. Having to play scenarios in tournaments is what makes it more difficult, though.

Game 5: vs. Dark Elves

This was, by far, my favorite game this tournament. My opponent’s name was Andrus but everybody knew him by “Khokan”. He knew a lot of people that were in this tournament and going into this game he was leading the charts with 80 battle points and a 4-0 record. We played “Dawn Attack” scenario which meant that we had to randomly place our units on different sections of our deployment zones. After that, it became a pitched battle with one exception, in order to win, you had to score twice as many battle points as your opponent. The game came down to the wire with my OB dishing out tons of damage and the skinks, both chameleon and normal, finishing off units like the Hydras and corsairs. I had killed off over 85% of his army and he had only done a small amount of damage to me, however, when we added up points and the end of the game, it came down to a difference of 27 points… which meant the difference between a draw and a win. We even added it up about 5 times because he felt so bad about it, saying that there was no way he got a draw out of that game but that’s exactly what it turned out to be.  There was a unit of 4 Corsairs (I think) left on the table that I neglected to kill and keeping those guys alive really was the difference in the game. Had it been a normal game it would have been a massacre on my part but because the scenario called out for twice as many points it ended up being a draw, although I still managed to get 15 battle points. So I ended the tournament with a 2-1-2 record…

I got to know a few of the guys at this tournament and we will have some rematches in the near future to make up for some of these games that we had in the tournament. It was a very enjoyable weekend and I’m very excited that I ended up 2nd overall and a ticket to Vegas. I’m hoping things work out so that I’ll be able to make it there and compete in that GT. Both Jeff and Khokon qualified for the same tournament so it would be cool for all of us to make it down there together.

I have some pics of some various armies that were here throughout this tournament. They are posted below. And just to let everybody know, this tournament was ran in the Grand Ballroom of the Doubletree Hotel and there were a total of 70 40k players and 14 Fantasy players. There were a couple of things that could have gone differently with the tournament but I was pleased with how it was ran for the most part. I’m looking forward to making changes to my list, applying the lessons learned from this tournament, and playing some pick up games with the new found friends that I made by participating this weekend. I’m glad that I decided to give it a try and am looking forward to the future. Enjoy the pics!


6 thoughts on “Seattle GT – Day 2. Invite to the Las Vegas GT & Best Painted Overall!

  1. Glad to see you went up there and represented!! Looks like you did pretty good. We should plan on going to Vegas!! You throw warhammer dice and I’ll throw craps dice! Nice job, grry.

  2. Good job on the awards. Your army looks real good man. You should definitely go to the Vegas Tourny if you can swing it that sounds like a lot of fun.

  3. All I know is you massacred me!!!! 7th edition victory points were better. You would have ended up with all 2245 of my army, and I at least would have gotten points for that last bastard Saurus warrior left. RAAARGH!!! Can’t believe he killed my hydra!
    That was a helluva game! Look forward to many more.

  4. Hey Khokan. I forgot that he killed off that Hydra in the end! LOL! Just goes to show you never know, that’s why you roll the dice… Yep, I agree and we had talked about the victory points conditions in this newest edition… kinda dumb but I guess that’s how it is. You’re right, it was one helluva game, definitely my favorite of the tourney. I’m looking forward to that rematch, and hopefully you’re dice won’t bail on you this time. I’ll be in touch.

    I’m hoping to make it to the tournament in Las Vegas. A lot of it will depend on where I’m at (geographically) in my job and all that kinda stuff. I’m planning on it now but it’s still several months away and a lot can happen between now and then. I’ll keep everybody updated! Thanks for the comments!

  5. Congratulations man, you have to schedule some vacation now for this tournament. I’m also glad that you did VERY well in the painting department to top everything off!!

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