Current Army List, v3.0 (w/Lessons Learned applied).

Ok, so after this past weekend’s Seattle Slaughter I took off a few days from gaming… you know, had to take the wife out for a movie, dinner, all that good stuff. Went to go see “No Strings Attached”… not a bad movie but definitely a chick flick. Not bad though. Anyways, I’m getting back into the swing of it and need to finish up a few Salamanders for my army, especially after finding out how effective Flaming Attacks are in this newest edition. If you aren’t aware, I qualified for the “Throne of Skulls Tournament” in Las Vegas on June 18th and 19th (see previous post) of this year and I plan on making it there. That said, I need to tweak the list a little bit and get ready for it. I have one major tournament before then, the Lonewolf GT, to help me prep for it and will be meeting up with some of my old gaming buddies there (Khorne53, 1Redneckgamer, HornedRatRob, TimG, and others). By the way, follow their blog, they have good insight into both Beastmen and Skaven armies, among others. It will be our third year in a row to go there and I’m looking to improve on the 2-3-0 record from last year. They run one of the best tournaments for Fantasy in the country and they’re expecting over 100 people this year, compared to last year’s 94 (I think!). I placed 4th last year in Appearance and I’ve made some drastic changes to my army so I’m hoping to get better than that this year, however, one of the biggest problems is coming with the same army, so I’m hoping people notice the differences.

Anyways, I learned a few things from the Seattle Slaughter and now I have a better idea of what to expect in upcoming tournaments. Flaming Attacks are a big deal in this edition and so are bigger units of troops. Chameleon Skinks absolutely own on the battlefield and can take out all those annoying war machine crews in just a few turns. They were definitely my “All-Star” squad this past tournament. They paid themselves 10 times over in terms of how many points of enemy troops they killed. Because of that, I’ve decided to add another unit of them and replace the Razordons with Salamanders. So, here’s the detailed list:


Oldblood w/Armour of Destiny, Potion of Speed, Dragonbane Gem, Sword of Strife, and Carnosaur.

Well I was very proud with the performance of this guy in the past tournament. He dished out a ton of damage and even excelled in the challenges that he was in. I believe I only lost him one time throughout the tourney due to a Killing Blow attack. I’m not ready to bring in the Slann yet since this guy is doing me proud and don’t want to be like most other Lizardmen players and go with the Slann/Lore of Life combo. It’s not necessary just yet. I decided to switch up his battlegear slightly, opting for the Sword of Strife (+2 Attacks) and the Dragonbane Gem (2+ Ward Save against Flaming Attacks) in lieu of the normal Halberd and Venom of the Firefly Frog (Poisoned and Magical attacks). He still has the Armour of Destiny to give him a total of a 1+ Armour Save and 4+ Ward Save. I decided to take off the Dawnstone (re-roll failed Armour Saves) because it wasn’t needed most times (more to come on that later) and give it to the Skink Priest. So, in total, he does 7 Attacks (8 once he becomes Frenzy), the Carnosaur does 4 Attacks (5 once he becomes Frenzy), and then the Thunderstomp after that. The Oldblood’s attacks are reduced to Strength 5 but he gains 2 attacks and the Carnosaur has the potential to do 11 Strength 7 Attacks. A lot of damage coming from one model…


Scar Veteran w/Shield, Light Armour, BSB, and Banner of Eternal Flame.

I took away the Gold Sword of Sigil and made this guy more of an “Augment” BSB, giving the entire unit he’s with Flaming Attacks, which we have already said plays a big part in this Edition. He still dishes our 4 Strength 5 Attacks but his save is only 3+ and a 6+ Parry save. I’m hoping the extra Flaming Attacks come in handy.

Skink Priest w/Ironcurse Icon, Dawnstone, Plaque of Tepok, Level 2 Upgrade, and the Engine of the Gods.

So, first of all, I’m keeping him a Level 2 caster and the Plaque of Tepok to give him the extra spell. Having 3 spells came in handy a lot during the tournament. I decided to give him the Dawnstone in order to reroll Armour Saves. Since the Howdah gives him a 2+ save it will come in handy when I fail that 3+ or 4+ modified Armour Save. That’s what killed him at least 2 times in the the tourney. I would like to add the Cube of Darkness or another Bound Item but I think I’d rather have the re-rolls to armour. It proved to be too serious this weekend. The Ironcurse Icon will hopefully come in handy since the Stegadon will draw a lot of War Machine firepower. Even rolling it once successfully pays for itself for a 5 point item.

Core Units:

24 Saurus w/Full Command.

24 Saurus w/Full Command.

18 Saurus w/Full Command.

10 Skink Cohorts.

10 Skink Cohorts.

Not much change here except I’m going to have to modify my spear unit to give them hand weapons. That 6+ Parry Save literally saved me a few times too many not to have them on all of my units. The extra attack from the spear unit rarely helped. (Thanks Khorne53!) Plus, it freed up 24 points! Lastly, in the Watchtower scenario, you cannot occupy the watchtower with a unit more than 20 models so the Unit of 18 works our nicely (just as it did this past weekend). I really enjoyed the small, block units of Skinks. Their ability to Stand and Shoot all the time really helped out several times. They even rolled double ones one time to hold the line! That’s why you roll the dice!

Special Units:

8 Chameleon Skinks

7 Chameleon Skinks

Stegadon w/Giant Bow

I decided to swap out the Terradons for another unit of Chameleon Skinks. These guys dished out some serious damage and single handedly accounted for killing 2 Cauldrons of Blood, a Hydra, a Varghul (sp?) and several other types of infantry. The Terradons just didn’t do enough to convice me to keep them around, they are more expensive and don’t do the same thing… The chameleons ability to scout prior to the game starting is a thing of beauty. They start so close and, with a unit of 8, fire 16 shots that need 6’s… chances are good that you will roll a couple each time and get rid of those pesky war machines and light, fast cavalry. The other addition is the Stegadon. This is mainly because I love the new models and I want to give it a try. The Giant Bow could really lend some needed artillery firepower and will force the opponent to fire at either the Carnosaur, the Ancient Stegadon. or the normal Stegadon. Also, in Dallas, the tournament is 2,500 points so it rounds out the force. Can’t wait to finish up the howdah to have it all completed. 4 Strength 5 Attacks and a Thunderstomp are not bad by any means…

Rare Units:



The biggest change to my army list… I swapped out the 2 Razordons for Salamanders. The ability to shoot flames is just way better than barbs in this edition and with a -3 to armour save it can even take out armoured Knights. I plan on using these guys on the flanks and hitting those units with Regeneration first to combo with the skinks that can pepper them with poisoned darts and take ’em down.

All in all, a solid list I think and is made very well to handle the scenarios that you will likely see in most tournaments. Sure, there will always be those different scenarios that go against the grain but you have to take ’em all in stride. I’m looking forward to trying out the new list next Monday against Dark Elves. I need to finish 2 Salamanders, the Howdah for the Stegadon, and 7 more chameleon Skinks and I’ll be good to go. Since I literally threw display board together for the Seattle Slaughter I’ll be doing more to it, touching it up and adding details here and there. Let me know what you think. Comments / critiques/ suggestions always welcome.

For the Old Ones!


2 thoughts on “Current Army List, v3.0 (w/Lessons Learned applied).

  1. Thanks for the shout-out. Get ready to shoot more kudos my way…

    1) I like the lord, no complaints. I like that you’re going old one / carne. Every LM player will be rocking snoop froggy frog in their list (that’s the name of mine. trademarked… don’t go there), so going against the grain is super cool
    2) I like the BSB. You’re only concern is the 2+ ward save vs flamming attacks and dragon armor. Be sure you understand all that (I’m sure you do).
    3) Don’t like the shamen. I’d go dispell scroll. At lvl 2, you’re not going to get anything off against a magic army. Drop the extra spell, figure out a way to get the D.Scroll. Consider going lvl 1 to free up points.
    4) Make your units larger! Unit fillers are cool. 2 large units are way better than 3 medium units. You’re not correct about buildings. It’s a common mistake. Any size unit can enter a building. It’s just in the Watchtower scenario, only a 20 (or less) sized unit can ‘start’ in th building. In addition, if you have to ‘evict’ the enemy from the building, the flamming banner will help you there (reroll to-wound rolls). Go large or go home.
    5) I’m good with special b/c of the combo (sally / skinks) you mentioned. The only thing I’d suggest is if you need points, swap chamillionair skinks for basic skinks. Not a biggie though
    6) Great choice there. No complaints (really)

    Congrats on the golden tickets to Vegas!!! I expect big things.

    • E Dub,

      1) That’s what I thought…
      2) Yea, I know about the 2+ ward against flaming attacks and the Dragon Armour. I’m hoping my “Commander” ability comes into play when I’m confronted with these types of armies…
      3) I hear ya. I’ve even dropped the Level 2 upgrade with what you said in mind. I think I’ll roll him that way in order to get the Dispel Scroll. I knew it, I just needed somebody else to say it so thanks.
      4) I know that any size unit can enter the building but, like you said, in that scenario it has to be 20 or smaller to “start” in it. I’d rather have a unit of 18 Saurus that 10 Skinks…
      5) Will consider this one but Chameleon Skinks did WAAAAYYYY too much in the last tournament to drop ’em… It’d have to be a damn good reason…
      6) Thank you!
      Thanks for the comments / critiques. I’ll put ’em to good use.

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