Quick update on a Battle Report, WIP’s, and our New Website…

So it’s been a few days since I’ve posted last and I’ve had quite a few things going on… I played a game on Monday against my buddy Mark who has Dark Elves, I’ve upgraded my list to include a horde of Saurus Warriors so I’ve recently purchased more of them and am in the process of putting them together and getting them painted. My other Salamander finally came in so there’s another model that I have to put together and paint… and I’ve been talking to Khorne53 a lot about a re-vamped list (again!). So I’ve had my hands in a lot of stuff and wanted to take the time to give some brief updates on everything and let everybody know about an up-and-coming website that we are working on. So, here we go:

Battle against Mark and the Dark Elves:

This was a pretty exciting game that literally went down to the wire. Mark is one of the guys that I’ve met at the local Games Workshop and we’ve played 3 games so far. He’s a pretty good painter and, like me, is still getting familiar with the new rules so when we play we take our time to make sure that we get (almost) everything right. We decided to do a random scenario and rolled the “Watchtower” (sigh…) To sum it up, I won the roll for the Watchtower and occupied with a unit of skinks to begin with. I had 2 big units of Saurus that made it pretty rough to get across the battlefield… I had no idea that maneuvering 2 horde units would be so difficult… My 2 Stegadons did their damage and my OB on Carnosaur took out the Hydra… He did some considerable damage on one my Horde units, wiping them out completely due to a double charge from Witch Elves and Black Guard. In the end, he occupied the Watchtower with a unit of Corsairs and I was able to wipe him out with my Stegadon and occupy the building in the last turn… so it was victory to me. Well played and definitely a good time.

WIP Stuff:

Well like I said I have recently upped the unit size to my Saurus Warriors and I am in the middle of creating another Unit Filler. I just think it looks cool and makes the unit stand out more instead of having nothing but a big mass of rank-and-file troops. So I decided to make a small stone ruin from an ancient pyramid of the Old Ones. I covered it in vines to show the overgrowth that it has endured over the years and will include a single Saurus Warrior on it as well as some models from the Jungle Swarms. It will do the trick and will give this unit 2 unit fillers, bringing the total to 40 Saurus Warriors! Here’s a few shots of the WIP of the Unit Filler. I should hopefully finish this up soon.

Our New Website:
The last thing I want to mention is our new website, http://www.subjecttofrenzyunion.com. This website is going to be our main portal into all things Warhammer and gaming in general. We came up with the name as a group and will use it as our affiliation when we go to Tournaments and conventions and whatnot. The site is just about complete and will hopefully finish up this evening. It’s going to have its own forums, direct links to all of our blogs, status on win/loss records and even power rankings! We hope to turn it into a huge website where people can log their battles and be put into the power rankings as well as a site to share ideas, articles, army lists, etc. This main page will be our own section on the Internet and we will keep it updated frequently. Lastly, the website will act as a site to get information about each of us involved in the “S.T.F.U.” and read our bios, current armies, records, stories, etc. It’s going to be a wealth of information, make sure to check back!


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