Current Army List, v4.0.

Ok, so I’ve been messing around with my army list (again) and think I have decided on something. I have found that I’ve been going away from the type of player that I am and instead I’ve been trying to make lists based on a player that I’m not. I love the Lizardmen army. I love that you can go either hand-to-hand or magic heavy… or even a very balanced army of both. That said, I know that some people will not agree with some of the things in this list and that’s ok, those are the things that I want to know and also why I post it up here in the first place… However, I like this list as it goes straight for a hand-to-hand assault and gives me 3 big dino’s…. I also did away with certain magic items and gained more attacks and strength on my characters. All in all, a solid list but definitely has it’s weaknesses… It should be noted that I’m trying to be competitive with this list and know full well that there are some armies out there that I just can’t beat… and I refuse to go with the Life Slann (at least right now). I think that this list is tailored at beating some armies and will be tough to beat others… and that’s ok with me. I’m going to try this list at the Lonewolf GT in Dallas and I’m hoping for good results. Comments / critiques / suggestions please. Thanks!


Oldblood w/Armour of Destiny, Halberd, Venom of the Firefly Frog, and Carnosaur.

This guy is my general. Pretty much the same build that I’ve been going with. 5 Strength 6 attacks that are poisonous with a 1+ Armour Save and a 4+ Ward Save. After the Carnosaur frenzies, it’s 6 Stength 6 Attacks from the OB and 5 Strength 7 Attacks with the Carnosaur, not to mention the Thunderstomp. I’ve always enjoyed the OB/Carnosaur build and I’m sticking with it.

Oldblood w/Sword of Strife, Enchanted Shield, and Light Armour.

This guy is a new addition to my army. He’s going to be in my horde unit and will help out with the offensive punch of that unit. He will be next to the BSB so they will both be delivering some pretty good blows. Since he’s an OB he’s WS 6 and S5 and T5… the Sword of Strife gives him 2 extra attacks so he’s bringing 7 Strength 5 attacks and Initiative 4. The downside to this guy is no Ward Save… I’m hoping is 1+ save carries him through…


Scar-Veteran as the BSB, Armour of Fortune, Extra hand weapon and the Ironcurse Icon.

Obviously, he’s my BSB. I’m not going the route of the “Banner of Eternal Flame”… I want more offensive effectiveness from this guy thus, the extra hand weapon. He will have 5 Strength 5 attacks and will be right next to the OB for  total of 12 attacks at Strength 5… The Armour gives him a 5+ Ward Save for some staying power and the Ironcurse Icon will hopefully help out with a 6+ Ward Save against war machine weapons, which they will surely see…

Skink Chief with Stegadon War Spear and Ancient Stegadon.

New addition to my list. The War-Spear gives him 2D6+1 Impact Hits on the charge (at Strength 6) and also +2 Strength since it’s a lance. So he has 3 Strength 6 attacks (at Initiative 6) when he charges…

Skink Priest with Dispel Scroll.

My anti-magic. I figure that this will give me one turn to negate magic and only leave me with one turn to get to HtH. By then, I should be out of harm’s way (Magic missiles and stuff like that). The only thing I’d have to worry about are hex and augment spells (Thanks… again… Khorne53). I plan on running him with the unit of Skink Cohorts in order to keep him from getting picked off if he was and independent character.

Core Units:

40 Saurus Warriors with hand weapon and shields and Full Command.

The “meat” of my army. Both the OB and BSB will be in this unit. They will be flanked by the Stegadons and the other unit of Saurus Warriors.  Horde formation will hopefully win me some combats and break through the opponent’s main army line.

25 Saurus Warriors with hand weapon and shields and full Command.

Another unit of Saurus that will be flanking my main unit. They will be 6 Saurus wide.

10 Skink Skirmishers.

Could be a redirecting unit if the Skink Priest moves out. Otherwise, find cover and keep the Skink Priest alive. Can still be effective with double-tapping the blowpipes and using Poison.

Special Units:

8 Chameleon Skinks.

Same thing as before. Excellent for operating behind enemy lines and killing off war machines lone characters. Better BS skill than normal skinks makes them a must-have.


Giant Bow doesn’t suck. Even though it’s Strength 5 it has an extra attack and is still Toughness 6… and… it’s still a Stegadon.

Rare Units:


I’ll use this guy on the flank and hopefully torch some units with his spout flames attack. Keeping him alive is the key so I have to get him in some flanks of the opponent.

This comes to just under 2,500 points. Like I said, I’m going for the Hand-to-Hand list and most of my characters and mounts dish out a ton of damage. Sure, there are some armies that can beat this army pretty easily but, as is true in this game… you still have to roll the dice. It only takes one dice roll for an opposing player to blow up his wizard’s head or turn tail and run. I’ll take my chances either way and will see how this list does for me. Now… onto finishing up what’s left:

– Stegadon Giant Bow Crew

– 12 Saurus Warriors

After that, I’ll be good to go. I’m currently working on the Ancient Stegadon. I went back and did something different with the scales. Pics to come on that tonight hopefully. Let me know what you think! Holla!


3 thoughts on “Current Army List, v4.0.

  1. Interesting list, I’d like to hear how the Saurus hoard does! I also like the double Steggadons, mine tend to be bolt thrower magnets. That being said, I prefer to run an EoG for the ward save it provides and as I’m not a huge fan of the points cost of the war-spear.

    My other recommendation would be to find a way to squeeze in another salamander. Last game I played I only ran one and he got spear-chucka’d to death in the first turn – bummer.

    I like the blog you have going here and you have a good looking Lizardmen army!

    • Hey Alex, thanks for following my blog and commenting on the list. I will check out your blog spot when I get the chance, I’m walking out the door right now (beer and wings are calling!)

      I must say that I’ve been hearing a lot of people telling me to go with 2 Salamanders and I agree. I’d like to squeeze one in so I might try to do some shuffling around and get one in, I know their value… As for the EOTG, I had one in the list but I found that he is very squishy and dies on the regular plus, if I take a shaman on foot I can get in a dispel scroll. The Skink Chief is new for me so I’ll try it out and see how it goes. I may go back to the EOTG once I’ve play tested this a couple times.

      Thanks again for checking out the blog, it is much appreciated. Check back soon as I tend to keep this updated pretty regularly. Peace!

      • I had another thought on your list, but I had take a quick glace at my BRB to make sure I had my magic items straight.

        For your old-blood one foot, you might considered giving him the Sword of Striking for +1 to hit in close combat. This will save you 15 points and if you do the math(hammer), you’ll only be losing about .5 hits per round of close combat. Then you could use those extra points and getting the flaming-attack banner on the BSB. Food for thought.

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