WIP Ancient Stegadon.

So, if you’ll notice in my current list (see below) I have an Ancient Stegadon that can wreak some havoc. I have this guy modified so that you can put all 3 variants of the howdah (Giant Bow, EOTG, and Giant Blowpipes) on it. I originally painted this guy using orange highlights but, after I painted my most recent Salamander (again, see below) I decided to go back and try some different colors and techniques. I have gotten better at blending and using inks and so I went to work on this guy. I covered up the scales from orange and went back with Goblin Green followed by Scorpion Green followed by a half/half mix of Goblin Green and Scorpion Green then Scorpion Green added with white. I like the new results. I have posted both a before and after shot to show what is used to look like and what it looks like now. Next up is the skink crew (both for the Giant Bow and the Giant Blowpipes)… I plan to make them bright red as it will stand out more from the green and blue colors. The Skink Chief is already complete, I just need to add some highlights. I’ll be posting pics of the completed Stegadon and other stuff that I have in work at the moment so everybody can see. Thanks for checking and enjoy!




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