Update on WIP Ancient Stegadon.

I finally got the time this evening to finish up the crew to my Ancient Stegadon. As stated earlier, I knew I wanted to go with a shade of Red for the skinks to strike against the blue that Ancient Stegadon is. I assembled the crew mostly on the front of the howdah in order to make room for either the EOTG Skink Priest or a Skink Chief. Since I have variants of all 3 versions of the Steg it’ll make it easier for when I have to swap ’em out. I like the way these guys turned out and now all I have to do is finish the banners, there are 2 on the edges of the back end of the howdah and 1 skink will be holding one. I will hopefully get to finish these tomorrow and chalk up another model complete… In any case, I’ll post the pics as soon as I get this guy finished. Thanks for checking and make sure to leave comments. Enjoy!


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