Y’all made me do it… Current Army List, v.5.0.

Used without permission.

Ok… you guys asked for it… this is what you wanted… so now I have to pull out the stops… The Slann-Mage Priest has re-emerged back into the world of Warhammer… and he’s pissed off. I went over to a buddy’s house yesterday and played 2 games in total, one against Daemons of Chaos and the other against Vampire Counts… and although they were enjoyable, they were very one-sided. So, after suffering my 2 losses yesterday I went to work at making a list with the Slann… and the Lore of Life. I’m gonna shelf the OB with Carnosaur for a while and try out the “Toad” and see how my luck goes… I put together a scrap list yesterday and played my buddy Khokan today with a very favorable result (it was funny how it ended up, I had him take a knee on Turn 4 of the game… then we played it out and he ended up tabling me…) So afterwards, he and I started working on a new list that incorporated some changes. It’s different than what I’m used to but it’s one that I’m looking forward to trying out. Also something you should know is that this is a 2,000 point list, as we are prepping for the Las Vegas Throne of Skulls Tournament… and, for some reason, it’s only 2,000 points. I’ve already decided what will be put into the list in order to fill it out to 2,500 points, I’ll post that one later… Anyways, here’s what we got for 2,000 points:


Slann Mage Priest Qett’l Korn with Focus of Mystery (Loremaster, Lore of Life), Becalming Cogitation (Add an extra dice to each attempt to cast), and Higher State of Consciousness (Only wounded by magical attacks). Also with a Dispel Scroll and Amulet of Itzl (2+ Ward Save against first wound suffered).

So this is my army General, however, not my BSB. With this edition… if the BSB is broken in combat and then runs away… he is destroyed… Yea, I can’t let that happen with my Slann Mage-Priest. Even though it’s pretty tough to break Slann and the Temple Guard… it can be done and that’s one that I don’t want to chance. So you’ll see above that he’s equipped with the “basic” stuff that most people run when doing this list… and having the Lore of Life means he can dish out some damage and put out some tough augment spells. 


Scar-Veteran Bro’qin Bot’l as the BSB, Talisman of Endurance (5+ Ward Save), Shield, Burning Blade of Chotec (Flaming Attacks, additional -2 to Armour Save… so -4 all said and done), Light Armour, and mounted on Cold One.

He has a 1+ Armour Save and a 5+ Ward to offer him some staying power and 4 Strength 5 Attacks. His only drawback is Stupidity but with his ability to re-roll it he should be cool most of the time. Also, having flaming attacks means that if he goes against a unit with Regeneration and he inflicts just one wound… their regeneration roll is negated…


30 Saurus Warriors with hand weapons & Shields and Full Command.

24 Saurus Warriors with hand weapons & Shields and Full Command.

10 Skink Cohorts with javelins and shields.

10 Skink Cohorts with javelins and shields.


20 Temple Guard with Full Command and the Blood Statuette of Spite.

So I’ve gone back and forth with making this unit bigger but have stayed put at 20 since the Slann can bring back dead guys… He also adds some Regeneration rolls if you get a particular spell off so I think I’m gonna stick with it for now. Let me know if you think I should have more and why. The Blood Statuette of Spite is a nice little trinket that can effectively be a game changer. It is a bound spell 5 that can choose any character and force them to pass a Toughness test or take a wound with no saves possible. If he fails, he has to take the Toughness again or he takes another wound. This continues until he is either slain or he passes the test… Not a bad item for only 25 points…

8 Chameleon Skinks

These guys are just too essential to killing off war machines, Cauldron of Blood, Anvil of Doom, etc… Worth their weight in gold…




Again, a definite must. During the 4 games this weekend, these guys must’ve accounted for well over the killing off of at least 50 models… One spouts flames and kills 13… then the other spouts flames and kills another 10… well worth it and a must-have in my opinion.

So this is what I’m gonna try out for now. Today I was 1-1 and was pleased with the way the army plays. At this point, it’s just about tactics and learning how to play the list… and, more importantly, playing it effectively. I’m looking forward to playing a different list and the beautiful thing is… with this list, all I have to paint is 6 saurus warriors and a Salamander… Woot! Comments/critiques/feedback please! Let me know what you guys think!


8 thoughts on “Y’all made me do it… Current Army List, v.5.0.

  1. I say bigger units of infantry. How about two hordes of saurus warriors and just have toad join one of them? that would free up points from the temple guard to add more, maybe a stegadon. Think synergy.

  2. I think Rob brings up a good point. However the stubborn ability is too good to drop. The best of both worlds is to drop the temple guard, give the Toad the Crown of Command (35 points) which makes him and his unit stubborn, and you’ll have points for a Stegadon!
    Try it out.

  3. Looks like a pretty nasty list. I would leave the Slann as the BSB though because if the temple guard is destroyed and this guy needs to run it is game over anyway.

    One thing to try out if you don’t want to follow the path of the majority of lizardman players is Lore of light. You can turn your defensive lizardman army into an offensive one just with the lore change.

  4. So good thoughts / feedback all around… I have been talking to HRR about the 2 units of 40 Saurus and just adding the Slann in that unit, however, I’m not sure I’m sold on it. I’ve also thought about leaving the Slann as the BSB for the exact reason you bring up Tim… if he’s running it’s game over anyways… @ Khokan: Crown of command, huh? I like the idea but the drawback to putting him with the Saurus Warriors (as opposed to the TG) is that he has to be put in the front rank and therefore, can be attacked. Granted, he could only be hurt by magic weapons but those are like candy nowadays… Hmm, a lot to think about… Any additional comments is much appreciated. Gives me some food for thought! Thanks!

  5. YO! Saurus bumped to 40 each. Drop the Temple Guard down to 10, and just roll behind the big blocks of Saurus. Temple Guard suck in hth anyway. Let the frog work his magic from behind the lines. Free up the points and make it happen. You know I’m right anyway.

    Or, you can go back to the Jurasic Park list and be slightly original. 😛

  6. You could also drop the temple guard altogether and bump the Saurus warrior blocks up. Then you can put the Slann in one of those blocks along with a couple of characters thereby forcing the Slann to the 2nd rank as your command group has to be in the front rank.

  7. Man, good ideas all around… I’m gonna mess around with some lists and different mixes. Right off the bat, I’m gonna go with at least one unit of 40 Saurus… and possibly 2… I’d like to fit in an Ancient Steg… Dunno. We’ll see what I can come up with. Thanks for all the feedback.

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