Ok, ok… Back to Reality… Current Army List, v6.0.

Used without permission.

Ok, ok… so if you’ve seen my most recent post… you’ll know that I made a recent switch to the “Toad” as opposed to the Oldblood / Carnosaur list… I tried it out on a few games and, even though it’s an effective army list, it’s really not my style. Like my buddy Khorne53 says, “I’m all for being competetive, but I’m also all for originality.” In addition to the bright colors that you can use on the Lizardmen army as a whole, and the ability to literally go “wild” on the painting scheme… one of the other things that has always lured me to the Lizardmen is the army list capabilities. I really like playing a “dinosaur” army! I think the overall look of the army, especially when you have big dinosaurs like Carnosaurs, Stegadons, Salamanders, is an awesome sight to behold when you look across the battlefield. Plus, I have always been the kind of gamer that goes against the grain… and nowadays in the 8th edition, you can find a Lizardmen player with the “Life Slann” in just about every tournament you go to. That’s not me. That’s not what I’m about. (Note: I’m not knocking players that go this route… like I said, it’s a very effective list…) So I went back to my roots and changed around some of my core units and have chosen to go with a big block of Saurus Warriors, flanked by some big time Dino’s! Your thoughts/feedback/criticism is appreciated. Thanks!

(Of final note… this, again, is a 2,000 point army list that I’m using to prep for the Throne of Skulls Tournament that will be held in Las Vegas in June.)


Oldblood Qett’l-Korn with the Armour of Destiny, Halberd, Venom of the Firefly Frog, and Potion of Speed. Mounted on a Carnosaur.

So this has been my basic setup on my OB for the last several games. I like the fact that he’s striking with 5 Strength 6 Magical attacks. He gains an additional attack once the Carnosaur becomes Frenzy as well… The Thunderstomp given by the Carnosaur is not bad either. Overall, this guy dishes out some damage and my main goal is to get him and at least one of the Stegadons charging at the same time. Pretty good damage output.


Scar-Veteran Bro’qin Bot’l as the BSB. Has a shield, Light Armour, Burning Blade of Chotec, Glyph Necklace and mounted on a Cold One.

My main reason for this guy is to offer Fear in the unit of 40 Saurus Warriors that he will be joining. Equipped with the Burning Blade of Chotec, he does a total of -4 to your armour save and has flaming attacks. So if he gets a wound off on some Regeneration units… it will negate their regeneration roll… and the Saurus can go to town.

Skink Priest Ho-qus Po’qus with a Level 2 Upgrade and Dispel Scroll.

Magic defense. Level 2 upgrade means he can cast some pretty decent spells if I roll enough on the winds of magic. I’ll have him flying solo, which means he can be picked out so my plan is to keep him close to the unit of Saurus Warriors to benefit from the Look Out, Sir! roll. If an empty building is nearby… even better.


39 Saurus Warriors with hand weapon & Shield and Full Command.

Easy to see that this is the chunk of my army. 39 Saurus Warriors with a Scar-Vet mounted on a Cold One (and so cause Fear) that are Strength 4 and Toughness 4… throw in a buff or two from the Skink Priest and this unit can be tough to fight. I plan to have 3 big dino’s flanking either side of this unit, with hopes that at least 2 of the 4 can make it into combat on the same turn.

10 Skink Skirmishers.

10 Skink Skirmishers.

These guys are here to harass opponents and kill off the occasional Giant, war machine, or lone character. Granted, they’re not as good as the Chameleon Skinks but they can still be effective. I’m hoping they do the trick.



Used without permission.


So I had to downgrade to get this guy in (and can’t take 2 Ancient Stegs in a 2,000 point game anyways) but I’m willing to give it a try for 2 main reasons… 1.) I love the big dinosaur list! This will give me 3 dinosaurs, which really serve as centerpieces of the army for appearance, which is the reason I play this game anyways. 2.) It’s still a Stegadon. Sure, he loses Strength and an Armour Save but he’s still bringing 4 Strength 5 attacks as well as impact hits. If the Giant Bow causes a few wounds every now and then I’m good… Plus this will give me an opportunity to finish up the Giant Bow portion of the howdah!


Ancient Stegadon.

Bigger, better, meaner version of the regular Stegadon. Strength 6, Giant Blowpipes that do 2D6 shots with poison and the Thunderstomp. Like I said, if I can get at least 2 of my 4 units to charge at one time I feel like I can have a pretty good shot at killing off a unit. This guy will be on the flank of my main (and only) Saurus Unit. Getting across the field will be tough when I’m going against the Empire or Dwarfs… but I’ll be ok knowing that you’ll have to kill at least 3 big dino’s… and if they manage to do that then they deserve to win!



Another key piece to the “Big Dino” puzzle. I have 2 of the old Salamanders because I like those models much better. They are bigger and really fit into the theme that I’m going for. Plus, when they get to spout flames on a unit of elves, goblins, or anything with a small base… watch out! These guys can kill off an entire unit in one go with some well aimed flames!

Again, this is a 2,000 point list and in my 2,500 point list for the Lonewolf GT, I plan on adding another unit of Saurus Warriors and upgrading the Skink Priest to an EOTG… giving me 4 big dinos (Muahhahahahahaha!) It’ll all look fantastic on the table and once I’m finished with the display board… will hopefully be a sight to behold! I have to finish off just a few more things then I’ll be good to go for the tournament. Also, I plan on sticking with this list no matter what… I have to get some consistency with it so I can learn how to play with it. Lately, I’ll make a list, try it, then make more changes. That makes it difficult to get good with it so I played a “version” of this list this past weekend and enjoyed it. The only change that I’ll make is to either go with the Dispel Scroll on the Skink Priest or swap it for the Blood Statuette of Spite (Toughness test for any enemy character, if he fails then he loses 1 wound, continue till he passes or he dies). I’ll try a few games with ’em both and then make a decision on what I want to keep.

Your comments / critiques / feedback is appreciated. I plan on getting in a game this weekend with the new list so I’ll make sure to post results. Also, I’m currently working on movement trays for my Skink Skirmishers (both units). I’ll post pics of the start-to-finish of those tonight when I get home. I really like the way they turned out. Holla!


6 thoughts on “Ok, ok… Back to Reality… Current Army List, v6.0.

  1. My thoughts on your two stegs are that may want to consider an EoG simply for getting the 5+ ward save against shooting. I’ve had bad experiences where a row of bolt throwers has turned a steg into a kabob in single round of shooting. Obviously, the need for the extra protection depends upon the army you’re facing, but you wanna get those big fellas into combat before they take too many wounds from shooting.

    Props too for the unconditional list – I admit that I run the conventional Slann bunker, but I promise next game I’m gonna try Lore of Light, Scout’s honor!

  2. Alex, that was my initial thought… using the EOTG… however, if I do that then I won’t be able to fit in a BSB. I could dumb him down a fair bit but he’d be pretty squishy and therefore, he wouldn’t even be worth taking since I know he’s gonna die pretty quickly. In my experience, there’s not a lot of shooting that I have to worry about in this current edition, it’s more magic… So, hopefully I can weather the storm and get into combat. You’re right about your assessment, a few well aimed bolts and cannon balls can make these guys go away. But, oh well, I enjoy the way the models look as opposed to how conventional it is… I’ll be following your blog and when the next battle report comes out I’ll be looking for the Lore of Light! No go backs! Lol! Thanks for commenting.

    • Pondering your list more, since the BRB is going in the Saurus unit, maybe consider swapping out the Burning Blade for Banner of Eternal Flame. I don’t have my army book in front of me, but I’m 95% certain the banner is cheaper. Thus you get a horde of Saurus with flaming attacks instead just one dude.

      Also, if you do find your list across from a shooty army, some crafty deployment and your skinks will hopefully neutralize the threat.

      Oh, and that should say “unconventional list” – oops.

      • I know what you’re saying… however, I don’t want to run into the guys that have ward saves against flaming attacks, that’d make for a long fight. Also, if he inflicts just one wound it will negate any regeneration rolls, which is really what I’m going for. But I do get what you’re saying and yes, the banner is 5 points cheaper.

        True, true about the deployment. One of the most important parts of the game.

        Lol, I knew what you meant when I read it. Thanks again for checking up.

  3. I don’t have any tactical insight into the workings of Lizardmen army lists in general or this one in particular, but I wanted to show my appreciation for the fabulous punning names of your characters. They’re very witty.

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