Skink Skirmisher Movement Trays – Start to Finish!

The cardboard I used as the "filler".

I have had a little bit of time on my hands lately since my wife has been outta town… so I’ve tried to get in as much painting / converting as possible. After putting together my final list (hopefully!) I started to work on what’s left to paint in order to have that list completely painted for the upcoming Lonewolf GT and Throne of Skulls Tournament. First up was the skinks (both Chameleon and regular). In this newest edition, skirmishers need to maintain a 1″ gap between each other to represent their loose formation. I have, in the past, just kept this guys with no movement tray and have moved them one by one. I figured that since the rest of my army is on movement trays this would be a good opportunity to make these guys some movement trays as well, however, the difference between my skirmishers and my regular infantry units is the overall coverage of flock on the bases/movement trays. Since there is supposed to be that 1″ gap I went to work on filling it in so that it’s not so noticeable on the battlefield. I found a thick piece of cardboard(ish) stuff laying around and figured it would work.

So, at first, I made the movement trays out of plywood and used some sheet metal for the magnet portion. I then took a skink base and started marking where each of these guys would be on the movement tray. So I set to work on marking it up and getting it where I wanted it. I then cut squares about the perfect size of a small base into the cardboard and glued it into place, placing washers and magnets in those cut out squares.

Makin' sure they fit.

The skinks fit perfectly in it and it would help with moving around on the battlefield. I also did a smaller one for the Chameleon Skinks that only holds 6 models. I will use these guys in my 2K list so I wanted to get them primed and ready to go. I went about the same way on constructing their movement tray. And below is how they turned out…

After assembling the movement trays and ensuring that the skinks would fit into them came the flocking / painting stage. Again, because of the 1″ gap, I wanted to put more flock into those open areas so that it would fit in with the overall theme that I have with my army. I also (for whatever reason) wanted to have more water show on the skirmishers bases so I did about a half and half look on the trays. Here’s what we got so far…

So the trays are flocked and I’ve allowed them to sit and dry for a minute so then next came the priming / painting stage. As you may know, I have a water theme going on with my army. Every base in my army has some type of water on it and these movement trays would be no exception. I really like the idea of the half and half theme on these trays. I’m not sure but it just feels like the “scouts” of the army would use a sneaky tactic like submerging in water to get close to the enemy for surveillance. That’s what I was thinking when I decided to paint it these ways. Kinda makes sense…. So anyways, I set to painting them up, got them where I wanted and then bam! Done! I put the skinks on their newly modeled / painted movement trays and I think they turned out well. Also, since I have a metal case I put a few strips of magnet on the bottom of the trays so that they stay in place and, therefore, are not that susceptible to being broken during transit. Here’s the final results. Enjoy and thanks for checking it out!


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