Another Saurus WIP Unit Filler.

I’ve had to up my saurus warrior unit to 40 strong and I only bought one box of Saurus Warriors. Since there are only 16 models in the boxed set I decided to be resourceful and create another unit filler. If I had to buy another box of Saurus Warriors I would have only used 1 of the Saurus and would have had 15 of ’em sitting around. So, I came up with the idea of having a small stone / temple / arcane thingy… Not really sure what you call it but it seems like it would be covered in vines and moss since it’s hidden deep within the Jungles of Lustria. So I sculpted some vines out of green stuff and literally wrapped up the stone and then painted up a single Saurus Warrior. I had a lizard laying around and so through that on the base as well. I plan on sculpting some leaves onto the vines to make it stand out more and go along with the theme that I have going with my entire army. I also need to add the shield to this guy. So, once I have the entire unit painted up (I need to paint 9 more) I’ll post them along with this unit filler. For now, here’s how the filler is coming along so far. Nearly done! Enjoy!


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