Today’s the Day! Army Lists due! Current Army List, v7.0 (Lonewolf GT List!).

Used without permission.

Ok all… Today was the deadline… March 15th… The Ides of March… (I’m sure they did that on purpose…) Oh well, today was the day to have your final army lists turned into the guys at the Lonewolf GT. After much debate and counsel from my fellow gaming buddies (and brother) Horned Rat Rob and Khorne53 I finally arrived on a list. I will admit that I switched it up at the last minute because (and I HATE to admit this) I have recently lost some motivation to finish up what needs to be done and feel like it won’t be done in time. There’s a lot going on right now… and I’m really excited to get to head back to Kansas and visit with old friends and family. I dunno, maybe that is getting in the way right now… I haven’t painted in about 5 days and I don’t see myself picking up a brush between now and Friday (when I fly out!). Also, March Madness is underway this Thursday and it’s also St. Patty’s Day! Not to mention that I gave up meat (all meat) for Lent so maybe my strength is just not there… LOL! Anyways, because of all of this, here is my final list, altered slightly from what I ultimately wanted, but still effective nonetheless. I only have 6 more models to paint between now and April 6th (that’s my cutoff date). And I’d still like to finish up a display board so I feel like I can surely churn that stuff out between now and the tournament. Once it’s all complete, I plan on taking pics of the tournament ready army along with the display board and showing it here. That will hopefully be sooner rather than later. Anyways, here’s the Tournament-ready list:


Olblood “Bot’l Roq-it” w/Halberd, Carnosaur Pendant, Dawnstone, Armour of Destiny, and Carnosaur.

Pretty much my standard build for my OB since I started playing 8th edition again. I switched up a few things like the Carnosaur Pendant, which gives him Frenzy (and thus an extra attack!). The addition of the Dawnstone will hopefully help out when I inevitably fail that 1+ Armour Save. He’s tough as nails and dishes out some damage. The main goal is to have him flank one of the Saurus units and charge at the same time as them, giving a good chance that they can run down whoever they face.


Skink Chief “Bro-qin Bot’l” w/Stegadon War-Spear and Ancient Stegadon.

This is really my biggest change. I swapped him out for the Skink Priest on EOTG because I wanted to gain more offensive power. As you know, I enjoy the big dino list so this guy was a no-brainer. I’ve heard it from both sides about the War Spear… What if he doesn’t charge? Well, that’s a chance I’m going to take. When the Chief gets a charge off, he rolls 2D6+1 for Impact Hits instead of the normal D6+1. In addition, it’s a lance so “Bro-qin Bot’l” is dishin’ out 3 Strength 6 attacks on the charge at WS4. The thundershop will come last… I think he is very effective and I am lookin’ forward to seein’ how he does for me.

Scar-veteran “Tee-Recks” as the BSB, w/Extra Hand Weapon, Armour of Fortune, and Luckstone.

I took him off of the Cold One, which sucks, but I needed the points. I opted for the extra hand weapon to give him 5 attacks. He still has a respectable 3+ Armour Save and a 5+ Ward Save thanks to the Amour of Fortune. The Luckstone will help when I fail his first Armour Save.

Skink Priest “I-gwanna Hur’chu” w/ Dispel Scroll.

Here purely for the magic defense. If  he manages to get a decent roll on the Lore of the Heavens and then can cast it without blowing his head up… it’s a win in my book.

Core Units:

30 Saurus Warriors w/Hand Weapons & Shields and Full Command.

30 Saurus Warriors w/Spears & Shields and Full Command.

10 Skink Skirmishers.

10 Skink Skirmishers.

The BSB will go in the HW/Shield unit and will help with a little bit of damage output. The spears will be on the flank (admittedly, I put this unit in my list because it is both my favorite unit and best painted unit). The skirmishers will pepper with poison darts, what they do best.

Special Units:

8 Chameleon Skinks w/Stalker upgrade.

Rare Units:

Ancient Stegadon.



Altogether, it comes to 2,499 points. Not much left to paint and I hope to take it back with me this week so I can play test it in a few games. I’ll have a pic of the fully painted army and display board when it’s fully complete. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Today’s the Day! Army Lists due! Current Army List, v7.0 (Lonewolf GT List!).

  1. I know the interwebs generally frowns upon Saurus with spears, but they do have their uses. My last game they killed a giant in one round of combat with the help of that extra rank!

    With that skink priest, you’d probably want to use the signature spell more often than not – particularly when facing an army with some decent shooting

  2. Hey Alex, yea, I played a few games this past week and opted to go with the Signature Spell from the LoH. I rolled the Chain Lightning one game and tried it out but it never really worked since it was dispelled nearly every time. I’ll have to make some changes after this tournament but I gotta go with it for now.

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