The Road to Games Day 2011: Work-in-progress Spear Saurus Unit Filler…

Used without permission.

Ok, so here’s the deal. If you read my last post about Games Day 2011 you’ll remember that I plan on attending this year and also participating in a few of their events, including the Golden Demon painting competition. I was on the fence about the Armies on Parade, based purely on the fact that I have about a month to do both of those things… and even less time when you take out the traveling I’ll be doing within that time. So, I have decided to focus my efforts specifically on the Golden Demon painting competition and will be working on a unit of Spear Saurus. This has always been my favorite unit (in terms of a paint job) and so I figured this would be a good opportunity to improve even more on what I have already done with this unit. Here’s the plan:

The unit right now is 20 strong… but I have plans to make it up to 30 (which will be better in gaming terms). Instead of having to paint 6 extra Saurus Warriors I will instead incorporate the use of a Unit Filler. If you look at an older post, you’ll notice that I have already done that for this unit. But this time, I am going to upgrade the unit filler and put it on a chariot base, thus making it count as 8 models. I will then only have to paint 2 extra Saurus in order to reach my goal of 30. I plan on making this an elaborate “counts as” unit filler… and it will include a column that’s reminiscent of ancient ruines (Thanks, Petco!), a few Saurus Warriors, a Skink sitting along the top, and plenty of vines and dangerous looking plants to fit in with the theme that I already have going with my army. I have this grand image in my head of what I want it to look like and you may not be able to see what I see once you look at the pics below… but bear with me, the progress is being made and I hope to have it completed within the next few weeks so that I can coast getting ready to go into Games Day.

I have already begun with the magnetizing of the actual base and started sculpting some stone to make the column not stand alone. Once it dries, I plan on marking it up, making chip marks to give it a weathered look. I also cut out some random pieces to look like bricks (kinda hard to tell in the pics) randomly scattered across the ground and once it’s all painted, I will sculpt vines to look as though they are overgrowing throughout this diorama. I plan on putting the water effects that I have going throughout my army onto this base as well. I’m still trying to located a good tree to put on the right hand side of the column… no luck with that yet but it’s nothing a good walk around the neighborhood can’t fix! Lastly, I want to have a lone Skink somewhere on the columns, to appear as though he is “scouting” for the Saurus Warriors below, letting them know of invaders that are headed their way. Anyways, here’s where I got to as of yesterday… it’s still very much a work-in-progress but it gives me some hope. I’m almost there. I’ll be able to dedicate a little more time to it next week since I’m outta town this weekend. I’ll get there though… eventually.

Once all of this is completed and painted, I’m going to go back over all the Saurus Warriors in the unit and pay extra close attention to missed spots, touch ups, and highlights. Keep checking back… this is going to grow over the next few weeks until the Games Day arrives. Thanks for checking! Enjoy!


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