Games Day 2011 Ticket arrives!

What $25 gets you...

Sitting around today and got a box in the mail! After doing some initial inspection, I noticed it was from Games Workshop… which meant only one thing… it was my ticket to Games Day 2011! Pretty basic stuff… a lanyard, a pack of ticket holders to attach to your lanyard (seriously, a PACK of see through holders…), and the receipt. Yep, I’m on my way now and I’m looking forward to it.

On another side note… I’ve kinda lost my motivation to finish up this unit of Spear Saurus that I had originally started. If you know me, you’ll know that I’ve been playing Lizardmen for a number of years now and have always enjoyed the vibrant colors that you can paint them with. However, lately, I’ve been losing some motivation on finishing them up. I mean, I have over 6,000 points of Lizardmen and most of it is painted. Most to an above average standard too, I might add. I think I have hit the Lizardmen painting wall and I’m ready to pursue something different. I have an O&G Army as well as a Deathwing army… I think it’s time. I’m going to finish up what’s needed for the NOVA GT and then switch over to something else. I’m looking forward to painting something different… and let’s face it… anybody who plays this hobby knows these models aren’t going to paint themselves! So I may do O&G’s first, or Deathwing… or a mix of both… who knows? I just know I’m ready for something else. So stay tuned. More to come. Thanks for checking and I’m sure I’ll find some inspiration at Games Day! Holla!


2 thoughts on “Games Day 2011 Ticket arrives!

  1. Well, it’s meant to be a hobby. If it starts to be a chore to paint stuff, I like to do something else for a while. There are plenty of games to play if you still want to geek-out.

    I look forward to seeing what Games Day inspires from your already amazing collection.

    On an unrelated note: 6000 points of (mostly) painted Lizardmen? Any chance of a full army shot?

    • I hear what your saying and I gotta agree… Turns out… a light fixture was all the inspiration I’ve been needing. I went and got me a new light to help me out with my painting and now I’m doing pretty good. I started back up on the WIP Unit Filler and should be done by tomorrow. Pics to come tomorrow.

      Yea, I’ve been meaning to get a full shot but I’d like to get it on a gaming table to really bring out the overall theme of it. I’ll see if I can get it somewhere and get something for you. It’s about time I updated my army pics so that gives me some motivation. Thanks again for following, and the compliments about my army. Make sure to look back tomorrow, I’ll have the unit filler complete… hopefully…

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