NOVA GT Prep: Current Army List, v7.0.

Used without permission.

So… I’ve been working on another Unit Filler for my army over the last few weeks… and I’ve had some stuff pop up here and there so I haven’t been able to work on it like I’ve wanted to. In any case, I’ll still have it finished by Games Day 2011 but it won’t be exactly where I want it to be (in terms of painting quality). Nonetheless, I am trudging forward and find myself working on several projects at once… I am finishing up a Skink Priest, started on my Deathwing army, and finishing the Unit Filler at the same time. Somewhere in there I figured I’d better start working on my army list that I plan to use for the upcoming NOVA GT that is taking place at the end of August (look to the right side of this page to get more info on that…) So I’ve taken a different approach to this list… and have gotten rid of one of my big dino’s (which I love so much in my army lists) and have opted for more characters to fill out the list, thus making less (bigger) targets for my opponent and giving my HtH Saurus units a much needed “Oomph!” when it comes to close combat. So, without further ado, I give you my preliminary (pending any input from you guys) NOVA GT Army List, v7.0.


Oldblood Qett’l-Korn with the Armour of Destiny, Carnosaur Pendant, Halberd, and Dawnstone. Mounted on a Carnosaur.

I have used this build a time or two before and have had good results. So I think I’d like to stick to it during this tournament and see how he does. He’s one of only 2 big targets due to the Carnosaur but if you know me you know I don’t like running the Slann, so this guy has to come in to play… and he has to be mounted on a Carnosaur. The AoD is pretty much the basic setup for a lord level character, and being mounted gives him a total AS of 1+ with a 4+ Ward. Because his Scaly Skin save is a 4+ I don’t need the shield so I go for the Halberd, giving the +1 Strength for a total of Strength 6. Ouch! The Carnosaur Pendant is there for the extra attack, bringing the total to 6 and the Dawnstone gives me re-rolls to failed AS’s… an item that tends to keep him around for a while. All said and done, 6 Strength 6 attacks, 1+ AS, 4+ Wd Save… and that’s just the OB. The Carnosaur is there for some damage output as well, 4 Strength 7 attacks and throw in an extra attack for good measure once he inflicts a wound and then the ever-so-dreaded Thunderstomp. Makes for a good lord combo and I’m hoping for good results!


Scar-Veteran Bro’qin Bot’l as the BSB. Has a shield, Armour of Fortune, and Luckstone.

My BSB that will go in one of the Saurus Warrior Units. He has the Armour of Fortune, which with the shield gives him a total AS of 2+ and a 5+ Wd Save. I have had my BSB die too quickly in the past because of a lack of armour and ward save so I’m hoping this build keeps him around. I decided to overlook the offensive output and focus more on the defensive point of view for him, hoping that he stays around and gives me that extra re-roll to Ld tests throughout the entire game. The Luckstone gives me one re-roll on the first failed AS, hopefully that’s all I’ll need. He’s still packing 4 Strength 5 Attacks, which is not too shabby.

Scar-Veteran Naz-Daq with an extra hand weapon, Light Armour, and the Talisman of Endurance. Mounted on a Cold One.

Being mounted on a Cold One gives the unit the ability to Cause Fear so that’s a definite bonus. I went with the extra hand weapon for the extra attack, especially since he doesn’t need a shield, being mounted still giving him a 1+ AS. The Talisman of Endurance gives him the 5+ Wd Save so it’ll give him some staying power. Sure, he only gets “Look Out Sir!” on a roll of 4+ for being mounted, but the tradeoff is enough to make me chance it. This guy will give some offense to the unit opposite the Saurus with Bro’qin Bot’l.

Skink Witch Doctor Ho’qus Po’qus upgraded to Level 2 and the Blood Statuette of Spite.

This was one of the bigger changes I made in this new list… not having my Skink Witch Doctor mounted on the EOTG. He’s upgraded to a Level 2 so he’ll still be able to have some magic output. And I plan on placing him in the unit of Skrox so he can’t get picked out. I chose to go with the Blood Statuette of Spite for that one time that it goes off. It’s ability allows me to pick out a single character and they then take a Toughness test. If failed, they take a wound with no saves allowed. We continue to do that until he either passes or dies. Only 25 points and the time that it does go off it’ll be well worth it.

Skink Witch Doctor Kitch me’ F’yu-Kan upgraded to Level 2 with a Dispel Scroll.

Same as above except he gives me some anti-magic ability. One use only but it comes in handy. Again, will be loaded into the Skrox unit until they get to combat.


29 Saurus Warriors with Hand Weapon & Shield and Full Command.

One portion of the “meat” of my army. Both of the units are identical so there will be a Scar Vet in each of them, giving that much needed offensive output that I’ve talked about already. I lowered the amount to 29 from 30 for 2 reasons… 1) to save points on something else and, 2) to allow the space for the Scar-Vet. This unit will be flanked by the other unit of 29 Saurus Warriors.

29 Saurus Warriors with Hand Weapon & Shield and Full Command.

Same as above.

16 Skinks w/javelins and shields, 2 Kroxigors, Standard Bearer and a Musician.

This is the real change to my army. I haven’t been a big fan of Skrox units but I’ve come to see their many uses in the game. They can move 12″ and can be a pest of a flanking unit since they Kroxigors are Strength 6 and can’t be hit. Sure, the Skinks go down quickly but they will serve as flankers in my army, not there to take on all comers. Also, per the new FAQ, this unit can’t be Thunderstomped, which is helpful against monsters.


8 Chameleon Skinks.

Too valuable not to have. In this list, I’ve decided to add another unit (although slightly smaller due to points limitations) to be equally as pesky. Perfect for penetrating behind enemy lines and taking out warmachines, lone characters, and even charging Giants! The plan is to get these guys on either side of my opponents battle line, depending on where the preferable targets are for them.

6 Chameleon Skinks.

New addition. Same use as above.


Used without permission.

Ancient Stegadon.

Bigger, better, meaner version of the regular Stegadon. Strength 6, Giant Blowpipes that do 2D6 shots with poison and the Thunderstomp. Kinda concerned about this being 1 of 2 big targets but I’m hoping the high Toughness will see me though. Having the extra Thunderstomp in HtH helps out a lot. Just need to get him into CC.



Salamanders have grown to be a must have for me. Especially considering the new rules for flames in this edition. It’s just not a good idea to not include these guys. They can deal out a ton of damage and, because they’re skirmishers, they can march and still spout flames.

Well there you have it. 2,500 points of Lizardmen. All I have to do to finish this army out is touch up some guys and create 6 new Chameleons. Plenty of time to get that done too. I’ll have a completed army picture on here with detailed pics of each unit. Lookin’ forward to getting in some good games over the weekend of the tournament and, who knows? I may even bring home some hardware. Thanks for looking!


2 thoughts on “NOVA GT Prep: Current Army List, v7.0.

  1. Sounds like a good list. Very brave dropping the EotG and making the priest hoof it. I’m too attached to mine to make my Skink walk!

    Speaking of the skink priests, I’d make you sure you take the Lore of Heavens signature spell with one of them and cast it on any war machines that’ll be treats to your two big dinos. Great spell for that purpose!

    • Very true about the signature spell. I’ll have to do that. Thanks for that tip!

      I’m hoping to have some good luck without the EotG. It’ll be my first time doing that also… Kinda scary but I’ll make it through. Thanks again for the input.

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