The Road to Games Day 2011: Saurus Spear Unit Filler Complete!

Used without permission.

So it took some doing but I finally got around to finishing off my Unit Filler for my Saurus Warriors with spears. I know I’ve been saying for a while that I plan on having it done earlier and all that good stuff but I have had a lot of things (literally) pop up in front of me that took precedence. Anyways, I was determined to get this thing done prior to leaving for Games Day 2011 (which will be in approximately 5 hours from the typing of this…) I must say that although I like the way that it turned out I’m not too impressed with how the painting came out on it. I mean, it looks good (IMO) but it feels rushed. I guess it’s my fault for constantly procrastinating and then trying to finish it up at the last minute… At any rate, I finished it off yesterday and glued all the pieces on and now it serves as the Unit Filler for my Saurus Warriors.

I was a little concerned with people not knowing what’s going on when you look at it so I decided to give it the “wife test”. I showed my wife and didn’t let her say anything… and then I told her, “Ok… take a look at this piece, just think to yourself, take a few minutes, let it marinate in your head… and then tell me what you believe is going on in this diorama…” After a few moments (which seemed like an eternity) of moving it around and getting different views of the models on the base she sits up and says, “It looks like they found some eggs and they are going to pick them up.” Score! I was relieved that she said that. So it proves (to me, at least) that even somebody who knows nothing about the hobby can get what I was going for in this piece. So, I think I did my job well on this one.

So the plan is to pack this unit up and take it with me to enter into the Golden Demon competition. Again, I KNOW it’s not painted well enough to compete with the type of painters that will surely be there but it helps me to know that I put my mind to something, completed it, and put it into the painting competition. If I can get a few guys to say “Wow, cool conversion!” or something along those lines then that’s a win in my book. I’ll have an update and plenty of pics from this weekend on Monday.

Let me know your thoughts and tell me if you can see additions or deletions… or anything that seems out of place. I’m open to the criticism and will gladly make changes if they help to better the model. Thanks for looking and I’ll be back on Monday with an update from Games Day 2011!

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5 thoughts on “The Road to Games Day 2011: Saurus Spear Unit Filler Complete!

  1. I think that the unit filler/diorama turned out really nice. I like the “wife test”. I seem to remember doing something like that before… I look forward to hearing how you do at Game Day. Good luck!

  2. The “wife test” is an invaluable tool for any hobbyist, I’ve relied on it many times.

    The unit filler looks great and the work you put into shows. Personally, I’m kinda tired of the typical ‘single figure and pillar from the Arcane Ruins stuck on a 50mm base’ unit fillers.

    BTW, where’s the palm tree come from?

    • Thanks Alex! It actually comes from Michael’s… $8.99 for a pack of 6. And u can get a 40% off coupon every week! I just painted over it otherwise it looks plastic.

      • Funny, I recently bought some similar looking trees from Michael’s, wonder if it’s the same manufacturer.

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