40K Chronicles: Converted Space Marine Librarian.

So I was rummaging through some old stuff and came across this converted Space Marine Librarian that I put together about 4 – 5 years ago. He was originally intended to be in my Blood Angels army but after I did away with that project I kept him and he was transferred to a new chapter: The Salamanders. Once I get my Deathwing painted (next in line!) then I’m going to move onto Cygnar, Beastmen, O&G’s and then somewhere in there I’ll finally get to painting my Salamanders army. So anyways, this Librarian was a result of me wanting to do a little conversion work because I don’t like the looks of some of the librarian models. I also like having a Librarian in my army because the distinct blue armour that they wear makes them stand out from the rest of the army and shows their rank within it. Also, they’re not bad characters that can do some considerable damage if used correctly.


I used the SM commander kit and some spare things I had laying around. The two wires that run from his backpack to his helmet are pieces of used guitar string. Simple and effective way to really bring out a model, I think. I found the two books from a bits box and decided to add them onto the model, really helps to drive home the “Librarian” theme. I scratch built the weapon / scepter / staff / whatever out of some spare bits and I used plasticard for the little piece on top. Green stuff was used for the gems that are at the ends. After looking back over the model I have decided to go back and remove the left arm because 1) I did a crappy job painting it and 2) My sculpting skills are much better now so I want to upgrade it to a much better looking arm. That’s next in line for when I start working on the Salamanders. Lastly, I took small pieces of plasticard and put them in the joints of the model and even on the bottom of the feet to make it appear bigger.

Converted SM Librarian.

Anyways, just wanted to share an old model that I remember converting and actually enjoyed. It’s still one of my favorite models and I think some of the conversions on him really make him stand out. I’ll keep you updated when I change out the arm and get it painted. Enjoy!



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