Bowie (MD) Games Workshop Battle Bunker Grand Opening.

I attended the Bowie Battle Bunker grand opening yesterday and had a good time. It was finally a chance for me to meet some new people to game with and also to shake the dust off of my Lizardmen army. I brought my stuff with me hoping to get in a game and, fortunately for me, there was an open table and a person that was looking for a pickup game! We played a 2,500 point game and it ended up being a loss for me but the game was very enjoyable and it was good to play again. The good news is that I think I may have found a new place to play but the bad news is that it’s about an hour and a half drive for me to get there. I’m going to have to make it work and if I can pull that drive off even once a month it’ll still be good to play every now and then.

The layout of the store was standard GW retail setup and then about 30ish total tables with several display cases spread throughout the store. They were having a paint competition for best monster, psyker or caster, and finecast model. Had the judging not taken place at 5:00 PM I would have definitely entered my Steg into the monster category and my Skink Priest into the caster category. I knew that it was going to be a short(er) day for me so staying until 5:00 was not an option for me, which kinda bummed me out because I feel like I had a good shot at winning the monster category. Always next time, I guess.

The “exclusive” stuff that they advertised in this month’s White Dwarf was very (very) limited. By that, I mean they only shipped 10 each of the Imperial and Empire flags… for the entire store… which had about 100 (or more) people in it on  grand opening day… Classic GW in my opinion. I was looking forward to getting some type of percentage discount but, alas, being GW, there was none to be had. Whatever happened to the good ol’ days when a grand opening meant 25% off??? Oh well. Here’s a few pics I snapped yesterday. Enjoy.


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