NOVA GT Readiness: Final WHFB Army List, v7.5.

Used without permission.

Welp… it’s aboout that time. Assuming we make it through Hurricane Irene and are able to weather the torrential downpour, high winds, and whatever else comes along with the storm I’m going to be heading to D.C. tonight to participate in the NOVA GT. I’ve gotten email follow up from the TO’s and by all accounts the tournament is still on. That said, my army is complete and ready to go. I finished off the last 2 Chameleon Skinks last night and applied static grass and did minor touch ups throughout my army in order to be fully 100% good to go when I take off this afternoon.There is still one problem though, I’m waiting on my Display board to arrive… My bro sent it out last week on Wednesday and it still hasn’t showed up yet. So I’m thinking I’m going to have to run to Lowe’s and make a purchase in order to make one on the fly. I absolutely need one if I’m going to compete for Best Appearance. So, I’m thinking that’s the plan as soon as I take off from work (Wait… I’m supposed to be working???) Anyways, here’s my list that I’m taking with me to the GT tomorrow and Sunday. I’m hoping it works out. I decided to take out the Skrox unit since my playtesting didn’t work very favorably for me. Also, as Khorne53 suggested, the unit size is just too small to do what I need it to do. And I don’t have the time to paint up more models to fill them out. So I did some swapping at the last minute, here’s what I got:


Oldblood Qett’l-Korn with the Armour of Destiny, Carnosaur Pendant,  and Halberd. Mounted on a Carnosaur.

Had to get rid of the Dawnstone that I originally had on him in order to give it to the Skink Priest. So, he’s still packin’ 6 Strength 6 attacks and the Carnosaur is bring 5 Strength 7 of his own. The Frenzy could come back to haunt me if I play an opponent that knows how to work it against me. The Thunderstomp is always a bonus, and is one of the main reason I keep going back to the Carnosaur. Plus, I just don’t like running the Slann, I’m a more in-your-face HtH kinda guy. So, fittingly, this guy leads the Lizardmen army.

OB Qett'l-Korn, fresh from killing a Chaos Lord in the last battle...


Scar-Veteran Bro’qin Bot’l as the BSB. Has a shield, Armour of Fortune, and Sword of Striking.

The BSB for the army that has a 2+ AS and a 5+ WS thanks to the AoF. I decided to go with the Sword of Striking in order to give him the +1 to hit. If I’m able to get into combat against normal troops I’ll usually be needing 2’s to hit, which is never a bad thing. Keeping him alive has always been a struggle for me, so I’m hoping the low AS and the good WS is enough to see me through. He will go in the unit of 29 Saurus Warriors.

Bro'qin Bot'l, girpping the Standard tight!

Skink Witch Doctor Ho’qus Po’qus upgraded to Level 2 and Dawnstone and Dispel Scroll. Mounted on an Engine of the Gods.

Counts as a Level 3 because of the EOTG, can do The Burning Alignment spell, and is even carrying a Scroll and Dawnstone. I love the Stegadon model too much to not include him in my army. Being able to get a couple of got Heavens spells will help me out in the CC phase. I went with the Dawnstone because, being a Skink, the priest will surely get targeted in hand to hand combat, so re-rolls on failed AS’s was the way to go for me.


29 Saurus Warriors with Hand Weapon & Shield and Full Command.

Main unit. HW/Shield combos. This is where the BSB will go.

Saurus Warriors complete with unit filler.

28 Saurus Warriors with Spears & Shield and Full Command.

Supporting unit. I’ve had good luck with the Spears and I like the way I painted the unit. (Really the only reason I’m including spears in my army… I know, I know… the 6+ parry save is better…)

10 Skink Skirmishers w/javelins.

Helping to round out the core units, this unit has been upgraded to have javelins to give them the Always Stand & Shoot ability.


5 Chameleon Skinks.

Too valuable not to have. Bookend threats (see below) that will help me to take out the stuff behind enemy lines. Double tapping gives me 10 shots that will need 6’s at worst, which is what I’m looking for anyways.

1 Unit of Chameleons.

5 Chameleon Skinks.

New addition. Same use as above.

The 2nd unit of Chameleons.

4 Terradons.

Another behind-enemy-lines unit. I swapped these guys out (and the 10 Skink Skirmishers) for the Skrox unit. The Vanguard rule comes in handy at the beginning of the game. The Drop Rocks special rule is good for taking out the small units also.


Used without permission.

Ancient Stegadon.

Bigger, better, meaner version of the regular Stegadon. Strength 6, Giant Blowpipes that do 2D6 shots with poison and the Thunderstomp. Having the extra Thunderstomp in HtH helps out a lot. Just need to get him into CC.



Salamanders have grown to be a must have for me. Especially considering the new rules for flames in this edition. It’s just not a good idea to not include these guys. They can deal out a ton of damage and, because they’re skirmishers, they can march and still spout flames.

That comes to 2,496 points. A small, well balanced army, I think. I also believe I can be competitive with it. I’ll be giving updates throughout the weekend on the progress of the tournament. I’ll also be snapping lots of photos throughout so make sure to check back. Wish me luck! Here we go!


2 thoughts on “NOVA GT Readiness: Final WHFB Army List, v7.5.

  1. Woah. that BSB is FANTASTIC!
    I like the old skinks. Call me a classic-snob, but they just feel more ‘skinky’.
    NOVA? where was it held? I grew up in NOVA/DC area. I didn’t know there was much gaming out there.

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