Tales from the Jungle, Volume 6: “Game Rituals: Do you have any?”

Used without permission.

Rituals. We know what they are. We know what they can do. We know how powerful they can be. Especially when it comes to rolling dice… We’ve all rolled that “1″ when it was the most inopportune time possible… then had the chance to re-roll it and do the same damn thing again! It’s frustrating! But alas, that’s the way the dice roll and… some would say… the way the Dice Gods had willed it to be… Perhaps you have a ritual that you perform to have the Dice Gods look down favorably upon you and your army as you march to war. Perhaps you think it’s a bunch of shennanigans and it’s purely luck. Either way is fine and it really comes down to what you think and believe.  I was thinkin’ back the other day about one of our popular Blood Bowl Leagues and how focused people would get during the weekly games. It got me to thinking about rituals and how they affect the games that we play…. “Tales from the Jungle – Volume 6: Game Rituals: Do you have any?” By: Ro. Nevarez. (a.k.a. Iggy Koopa)

So, back in our former glory (and by” our”… I mean my current gaming group “Look Out, Sir!”) we used to have one of the longest running Blood Bowl leagues in the world (I’m guessing, but probably so.) I believe it had been going on for about 10ish seasons in a row. It was a very popular league around our shop and everybody was excited when the season was about to start. We would get our previous season’s rosters out and decided who was going to be carried over, who was going to be dropped, if we would start a new team altogether…. it created a buzz around the shop and everybody was so excited when it finally started. As the season got underway, it never occurred to me how much people would use “rituals”…. By that, I mean there were certain ways that they went about doing things. At first, it seemed kind of odd to me because I never do anything superstitious and don’t believe that luck can be altered in any way… it’s just luck and it’ll happen when it’s good and ready. Purely by chance. We would have about a 10-12 game season each season and as I became a veteran at playing in this league it became very interesting to see how players would do things…

No joke. I have seen guys set our all of their dice with the “6″ facing upwards in order to “convince” them to roll that way as well… Another guy would put his favorite CD into the CD player and would come out to the field (table) as though he was being introduced by a loud speaker. Yet another guy had “reserve dice” that were only used when he would “push it” (this is the term for attempting to move another space, which succeeds on a roll of 2+).  All of this got me to thinking about Warhammer and Table Top games in general… and about the different rituals that we all may use, whether it is consciously or subconsciously…

I, for one, don’t have any rituals (that I know of). As stated earlier, I don’t believe that luck can be altered in any way, shape, or form. It just happens. Sometimes at the most convenient times and others not so much (i.e. “bad” luck)… I don’t have a set of “leadership dice” that I roll and I don’t only roll dice that only I’ve touched… that’s just the way that I am. I play this game because I enjoy playing it, painting the miniatures, and meeting awesome people while doing it. That is not to say, however, that having rituals is a bad thing.

Like I said, I know several people that do things before the game has even begun, during the game, and even after it. I knew one guy that would give it up to the “Dice Gods” after he successfully won a game, thanking them for smiling down upon him with favorable rolls all game! It’s very humorous to me, but not in a bad way, it’s just something that makes me smile because of how people will put so much into what they believe. And through the years of playing this game I have definitely seen some very interesting rituals…

So what is it that you do? Are you like me and don’t have anything that you do to “inspire” the dice to roll good? (I once seen a guy throw his dice across the room because they were consistently rolling badly, go find them, then take them outside and smash them with a hammer… all while his other dice were set next to the massacre “watching”, just so that they would know what would happen if they started rolling badly… Yet, another time, I seen an Empire player yell “Praise Sigmar!” every time his rolls were favorable!) Do you do a little clap / whistle / dance every time something goes good to keep the good luck going? Do you roll the dice behind your back for a leadership test? It’s a fun topic and one that I think most of us that play Warhammer can relate to. What are your thoughts? What are your rituals? Let’s hear ‘em… Thanks! As always, thanks for reading.


4 thoughts on “Tales from the Jungle, Volume 6: “Game Rituals: Do you have any?”

  1. I can’t really think of any rituals that I have. For my dice, I have started bringing 3 different colors. 10 of one color, 10 of another color, and 5 of another color. That way I can quickly grab the amount of dice that I need without having to count every one of them out. My system doesn’t really allow for me to ‘punish’ any poorly behaving dice (unless I swap the batches of 10).

    Of course, I don’t really win a lot. I used to blame that on me playing poorly or building a bad list, but maybe it has been my dice all along? 🙂

  2. Nice way of keeping track of your dice. LOL, I’ve never actually thought of doing it that way but I can see how that’d make it much easier to keep track of. Dunno though, I think I’m more of a “all the same color / size” dice kinda guy. But that’s just me. And you never know in table top gaming… the dice can be both harsh and nice, all rolled into one.

  3. I count out dice in groups of 6, then 4…totaling ten. Then roll them in groups of ten. It just feels better. And lets the enemy see I’m not pulling a fast one
    Given the number of AHW primal fury rolls that happen, there’s many groups.

    ….maybe that’s why I’m so damn slow.


  4. @Zebrazach: Lol! Nice! I have talked to quite a few people that will use different colored dice in the same amounts so that their opponents know what’s going on. I’ve never done it myself, I just have a set of dice that are my lucky ones.

    It is a celebration when Ungor Raiders actually kill something, you’re right!

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