The Book of Grudges: WIP Dwarf Lord with Shieldbearers.

Used without permission.

Man… so it’s been a few weeks since I last posted… I’ve had a lot going on and since I was finally able to finish up my Lizardmen I’ve been dabbling in several other projects. I have now acquired a total of 4 armies: Beastmen, Dwarfs, Orcs & Goblins, and, of course, the Lizardmen. In other games, I have a small Cryx force and Mercenaries for Warmachine and a Space Marine and Deathwing army for Warhammer 40k. All of those I’ve been messing around with and the truth be told I’ve spent most of the last few weeks getting everything put together so that I can at least play with each army should the opportunity arise. I have all of my infantry units magnetized now and it makes for both easier transport and movement during game play. I must admit that the worst part of the Warhammer hobby (for me) is the actual assembling of the models… I almost have to make myself do it each time… and, needless to say, I have been looking for armies / models that are already assembled… So anyways, I’ve been putting things together and now have each and every one of my armies complete so, at least in my eyes, the hard part is over. Now it’s onto the painting part; my favorite part!

I am going to be working in and out on each of the armies that I mentioned up above and since I am in no hurry to get it all complete I figure I have a long time to get it done… First up for me is Dwarfs… The Dwarfs were my first ever army upon coming into Warhammer and so they hold a special place in my heart. I’ve always liked the background and rules that they have and being able to field a ton of war machines is just too cool of an opportunity to pass up. So I’ve put a list together and I know for sure that I’ll have a Dwarf Lord on Shieldbearers. I’ve had the Alrik model in my bitz box for at least 5 years now and I must say that I never thought I’d use this model. It had some previous paint on it so I threw it in some type of engine oil liquid for a few days and it stripped the model clean. After priming it, I figured I’d paint the model in 3 pieces… each shield bearer and then the Dwarf Lord himself. First up is the actualy guy that is holding the shield (model-wise). This is very WIP but I wanted to share what I have done so far. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted anything so I figured I’d better get to work this afternoon and put something up. So, after an hour or so of painting, this is how he looks. There’s still some things I want to do but I really like the way the eyes came out. I’m going to go back and make the beard darker, with some white showing to create the image that he is an older Dwarf and has seen his fair share of seasons. Next I’ll do the other shield bearer then the Lord. I’ll hopefully have it all complete by this weekend. (Oh yea, i have this guy entered into a painting contest… my other source of inspiration…) Here’s a few pics. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “The Book of Grudges: WIP Dwarf Lord with Shieldbearers.

  1. Wow. Those eyes did turn out nice. Most of the time that I have tried to paint eyes, they just look bad, so I end up just shading them instead. What method did you use to do them? He looks good (even for a Dwarf :p)

    I think that my least favorite part is cleaning up the mold lines from the plastics before assembling them. That is such a pain. I look forward to seeing all of the new projects.

  2. Straight up skill to paint the eyes! Just inked the area first then worked out to elf flesh. Took some time getting them right. But I’m pleased with it. Thanks for the compliment.

    I know what you mean about mold lines… That’s probably my second worst thing to do in this hobby. Most of the time I’ll just leave em there, lol!

  3. That’s some lovely work, especially for a work-in-progress. I’m impressed with the amount of work on the shield itself, since presumably it’ll have a Dwarf standing on it and no-one will be able to see how cool it looks.

    I actually quite enjoy building up (plastic) models. It’s like I’m starting the process of bringing them to their table top lives. Metals are a lot less fun, so I avoid them whenever possible.

    • Lol, that’s a good outlook on getting you to put models together! I hear ya about the metal models… I’m actually happy about GW going away from them. For a guy that likes to do a lot of converting, it works out well for me.

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