Mercs for Hire: Grundback Gunners complete!

Used without permission.

It’s been a while since I’ve had my last post but it has been for good reason. ChaosTauKnight and myself have gotten pretty serious into playing Warmachine and Hordes. You have to understand that the area that we live in is so tiny… and there’s not much to do… and there are no places to play… so since he already had gaming board we both decided to get into playing Warmachine. It’s quick, small, and simple to learn. So the last few Friday nights have consisted of us drinkin’ a few beers and learning the rules of both Warmachine and Hordes and also learning some new tactics for our armies. As of now, the Mercenaries are first on board for me, and I have a pretty sizable army…. about 55 points all said and done. I even ordered some custom bases for the entire army, and decided to go with the deck theme on them (more on that in a minute). Also on deck is a small Khador force and a huge Trollbloods force.

So first up I decided to paint the Grundback Gunners. These guys are small and effective on the battlefield and have a powerful cannon attack that gives them an extra die on rolls to attack and to damage, if you decide to spend a focus on them. I’ve played around with having 2 of them in my army and I think I may eventually drop down to 1… but for now, I’m rollin’ with 2 so I painted them both up. I really like the models… and they were extremely easy for me to paint… taking about 15 minutes for each one. The model is literally a gun mounted on some legs. Even though it was a quick paintjob, I’m pleased with how they both turned out. The bases are custom from Dragon Forge Design and are called the “Trench Board” design. I went with the bases because the backstory of the Mercs is that they are more interested in trading / haggling / selling with other factions than fighting with them. They don’t want to be involved in the wars that are going on but have no other choice if they are attacked. Because of that, they are a very defensive army and I envision them fighting from their port cities, defending them so that their trade ships and carts remain intact. The Trench Board bases kind of gives it the feeling that they are on the decks and ports of their cities, ready to defend. Anyways, I like the bases and they are very cheap for a small force so I was more than willing to get some in.

These guys are the first two of my Merc force and a Driller in next on deck. I plan on doing some major painting over the next few nights because we are hoping to do a battle report between Mercs and Cygnar this Friday! I have to have ’em all painted by then if that’s the case so it’s time to knock some out. Anyways, hope you enjoy and, as always, thanks for reading.


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