Mercs for Hire: Ghordson Driller ready for battle!

Used without permission.

Next up on the painting block is the Ghordson Driller. I have 2 of these in my 25 points list and this guy was the first to be painted. They are not bad in hand to hand and the Continuous Assault rule from the driller arm makes him pretty formidable and easier to do more damage. The Open Fist helps a lot with locking out opposing ‘jacks weapons or head mounted weapons. All in all, the Ghordson Driller is a good ‘jack for the Mercs and is one that I enjoyed painting as well.

I chose to go with the same Camo Green scheme for the Driller, just like the Grundback Gunners from a few days ago. Again, I can picture this army as being scratch-built… almost like it’s junk that’s been thrown together in an attempt to defend what is theirs, especially their trade routes. So having a dirty, old, beat up looking ‘jack is what I was going for. It really helps me to go to town on the detail work of this army and I think I captured it on the Driller with the old, rusted look of the metal as well as the bullet holes in the upper right shoulder area.

The next Driller is going to be a different color to really drive home the rag-tag group of Mercs that they are. There will really be nothing that ties these guys together, just the bases, to show that they are all in defense of one another… though they would gladly go somewhere else if the coin was right… I am really liking this army and the theme I can choose to go with. Anyways, here’s the old Ghordson Driller. Enjoy!


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