Mercs for Hire: Another Ghordson Driller arises!

Used without permission.

Well here’s the second of 2 Ghordson Drillers that I plan on using for my Mercenary force. As stated in the last post, I planned on painting this guy in a different color scheme to sort of re-enforce the Merc theme, showing that they are just thrown together at the last minute, only fighting because of a common enemy.

I got to work on him last night and knew right away that I wanted to go with a gray color scheme and even thought about putting a military type number on the Driller’s chest, much like the last one I painted. However, after doing some browsing through the ‘Net, I came across a guy that had painted his Driller in a similar fashion to this one. I seen the big mouth and teeth on the front and it really caught my eye. So yea, I stole the idea for the mouth on the front from somebody else, but it’s just too cool to not do it.

Anyways, that makes 4 models down for my Merc army, now I’m closing in on the units and will hopefully knock out Gorten Grundback and a unit of Forge Guard this weekend. The battle report that we had planned got moved to next Friday so it gives me a little extra time to finish everything up. Currently, here’s what’s left:

– Gorten Grundback

– Durgen Madhammer

Ghordson Driller

Ghordson Driller

Grundback Gunner

Grundback Gunner

– 8 Hammerfall High Shields (Captain & Standard Bearer included)

– 6 Horgenhold Forge Guard

– 1 Avalancher

– 1 Ogrun Bokur

– 1 Thor Steinhammer


2 thoughts on “Mercs for Hire: Another Ghordson Driller arises!

  1. Tim! Haven’t heard from you in a while! Glad to see you’re back on! Thanks for the comment and checkin’ out the blog. I really enjoy the PP models as well, I think that’s what attracted me to the game.

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