Mercs for Hire: Gorten Grundback!

Used without permission.

Finally got around to painting Gorten Grundback, the Dwarf warcaster for my Mercenaries force. I had started on this guy a few weeks ago but never finished him. So yesterday afternoon I motivated myself to sit down and finish him up, as my blog was in desperate need of an update. So a buddy of mine and I have found a local Warmachine / Hordes Steamroller 50 point tournament coming up in December and have decided that we are going to participate. This means a couple of things for me, 1) I’ll have to up the list that I’ve been playing from 25 points to 50 points, 2) I’ll have to play games at that points change also and get more games in so that I won’t look like a n00b on the day of the tournament and, 3) I’ll have to get in gear to have it all painted by December 17th. There’s no doubt in my mind that I can do it. I’m excited to get the rest of the army done and take it to an actual tournament and compete. I’ve never been in a Warmachine Tournament so I’m looking forward to it.

So with Gorten Grundback I must admit that I was a little disappointed that he is so plain for being a warcaster model. It was relatively easy to paint and there’s not really anything that stands out on him to make him jump off the board at people looking at the army. I chose to go with the same Camo Green that I used on the Gunners and one of the Drillers and I think it ties them in pretty nicely. I like the huge hammer that he’s wielding and I tried to add a few gems to it to make it stand out a little bit. Of course, I am going with the same unifying deck bases on this entire army so his fell right in line with what is completed so far. A little static grass to the front and he’s done!

So now that I am up to 50 points I’ll have to figure out what else needs to be added to complete this army. As of right now, here’s what’s left on the painting block. I believe I’m going to start on the Forge Guard this weekend, so they’ll be next up.

– Gorten Grundback

– Durgen Madhammer

Ghordson Driller

Ghordson Driller

Grundback Gunner

Grundback Gunner

– 8 Hammerfall High Shields (Captain & Standard Bearer included)

– 6 Horgenhold Forge Guard (Next!)

– 1 Avalancher

– 1 Ogrun Bokur

– 1 Ogrun Bokur

– Thor Steinhammer

So here’s some pics of the completed Gorten Grundback! Hope you enjoy. Disclaimer: Sorry for some of the crappy pics…


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