Mercs for Hire: Ghordson Avalancher!

Used without permission.

Got the Ghordson Avalancher all done! Even though this guy is rather pricey I still usually take him in my army list mainly because of his effectiveness. He has a cannon that really serves as the only long range weapon available to Mercenaries. Plus, it’s AoE 3 which really helps on the light armoured troops. As I said in my last post, I was painting this guy concurrently with the Horgenhold Forge Guard so it was nearly done when I finished them. So yesterday before I took off to the football game (sigh… damn Redskins…) I knocked out what was left.

I decided to stick with the same color scheme that I used on the Horgenhold Forge Guard… It’s Graveyard Earth and looks really good on armor. I picked out all the bolts with silver and then painted a nice lookin’ “37” on the left side of the torso… Sadly, I didn’t realize that it would be covered up by the enormous shield that he uses so you have to look kinda hard to notice it…

So anyways, another one bites the dust and now I’m that much closer to getting this army all done. I’ll want to have it completely painted for the tournament on December 17th. Not sure which one is going to be next… I’m thinkin’ maybe the Ghordson Basher but we’ll see. Anyways, thanks for lookin’ and enjoy the pics!

– Gorten Grundback

– Durgen Madhammer

Ghordson Driller

Ghordson Driller

Grundback Gunner

Grundback Gunner

– 8 Hammerfall High Shields (Captain & Standard Bearer included)

6 Horgenhold Forge Guard

1 Avalancher

– 1 Ogrun Bokur

– Thor Steinhammer

– 1 Ghordson Basher

– Grun Cragback & Lug


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