Mercs for Hire: Ghordson Basher All Done!

Used without permission.

Now that the Thanksgiving Holiday is over with, it’s time to re-focus back to my Mercenaries army and finish off what’s left. Remember that I’m working towards a 50 point list and plan on participating in an upcoming tournament to be held in northern Virginia. It’ll be my first ever tournament (well, at least first in a LONG time…) for Warmachine and a buddy of mine and I are excited to be going. So far, I’m a little more than halfway done with the army and the thing I have found is that it’s very easy to paint models in this range. For one thing, it’s only a single model that has to be painted, not an entire unit, so it really makes for about me painting a model at each paint session. The only struggle that I have is finding the time as well as the motivation to get it all done. I’m not concerned at all about not completing everything, I just have to stay focused.

So to that end, I picked back up where I left off and got to work last night on the Ghordson Basher. I really like this model. It’s like a little steampump engine with legs and is capable of doing some Slam abilities. It even follows up afterwards and does some small burst damage to finish off the knocked down opponent. I’m still debating about whether I should allow Thor to jack marshal him or just keep him with the warcaster (either Durgen or Gorten)… I know that he can become very beasty if taken with Thor, but I’m still learning how to keep Thor alive so I’m hesitant to join them together in case Thor gets picked off again and leaves me with a useless Basher…

Anyways, so I went back to the Camo Green color for the Ghordson Basher. This was a really quick paint job and didn’t take much at all… There are really only 3 colors on this guy so it made for some quick painting. I think in all it took me about 30 minutes… (sadly, that shows…) After I was done painting and inking it, I went back and gave the Basher some kill marks along the left side panel of his leg. This is to add a little bit of character and show just how tough this guy can be. In sticking with the theme for my Merc army, I added a military type “1” on the top of the head armor. The base is on back order because I realized too late that I was out of them so once that gets in I’ll paint it up and put him on there. Other than that, all done for now! Not sure where to next, but I’m thinking Thor Steinhammer. Thanks for looking and enjoy the pics!

Here’s an updated list of what’s left to be done for my Merc army:

– Gorten Grundback

– Durgen Madhammer

Ghordson Driller

Ghordson Driller

Grundback Gunner

Grundback Gunner

– 8 Hammerfall High Shields (Captain & Standard Bearer included)

6 Horgenhold Forge Guard

1 Avalancher

– 1 Ogrun Bokur

– Thor Steinhammer

– Grun Cragback & Lug

1 Ghordson Basher


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