Mercs for Hire: Grun Cragback & Lug Ready for Action!

Used without permission.

Got some free time this evening after work and decided to knock out the Minions Grun Cragback & his faithful companion Lug. Getting him painted gets me even closer to finishing off the army and I’m hoping to get even more knocked out this weekend. I have to do some work first thing in the morning and I think that I’ll go for the Ogrun Bokur. I’ve been messing around with a 50 point list and I keep going back and forth. At any rate, I just swap in a few different models and it’s all good. Can’t wait to get it all painted up.

So I tried to go with a dirty polar bear look for Lug, and even though it didn’t turn out great, I’m ok with it because I think you still tell that he’s supposed to be white instead of some other color. For Grun, I picked out a few small items with bright golds and silvers, and chose to paint the wolf pelt gray. I actually had to go back twice and paint the front because I didn’t realize until it was painted that the pelt is actually wrapped around him in the front! The eyes I’m not too proud of… There was a smal piece of flash in the left eye and I had to dig it out… because of that I had to go back and touch it up as best as I could and it didn’t turn out good at all… Oh well.

Anyways, another one bites the dust. Here’s some pics of them both. Also, I have bases incoming for Lug so once that arrives I’ll put it on him. At this point though, he’s considered complete.

Here’s an updated list of what’s left to be done for my Merc army:

– Gorten Grundback

– Durgen Madhammer

Ghordson Driller

Ghordson Driller

Grundback Gunner

Grundback Gunner

– 8 Hammerfall High Shields (Captain & Standard Bearer included)

6 Horgenhold Forge Guard

1 Avalancher

– 1 Ogrun Bokur

– Thor Steinhammer

Grun Cragback & Lug

1 Ghordson Basher


2 thoughts on “Mercs for Hire: Grun Cragback & Lug Ready for Action!

  1. Thanks! I am on the fence about it… I’d like for it to be whiter… but at the same time, not too white… I am eventually gonna go back and touch it up. Thanks for the comment!

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