Trollblood Tales: Dire Troll Mauler Complete!

Used without permission.

Well… the time has come to start back up with painting again. My last post I offered up my 2012 Gaming Resolutions and it appears that I have a full plate for the rest of the year. I must admit that when I first typed my resolutions it didn’t seem like much… But now, wow! I have a lot to do. So with that in mind I set out to begin painting again… I took the last few weeks of the year off and set my stuff down to do some traveling but now that I’m back in the saddle I have my sights set on my Trollbloods army for WarmaHordes. I believe that I’m going to switch up painting between the Trollbloods and my Deathwing army but for now, I focused on the Dire Troll Mauler.

Ever since I began playing WarmaHordes again I’ve been drawn to the Trollbloods army. I really like the sculpts of the models and I enjoy the story behind them. Part of the reason that I began a Trollbloods army was because of the models! And the Dire Troll Mauler is one of my favorites. I really like how PP did an amazing job on the detail of this model… he has huge bulging muscles and the detail on the palms of his hands are incredible.

So anyways, I have read that the Trollbloods are called “Blueskins” because of their blue skin tone but I have a really hard time painting things blue… So I decided to paint these guys a sort of light brown, earth-y color and if anybody asks then I’ll just call them cousins to the Trollbloods… a different tribe or something like that. So I’m going to do the rest of my army in the same color and pick out different details on the models like flannels and things like that. With this guy, it was a pretty easy paint job since mostly everything is skin. He has a small piece of cloth wrapped around him and then the mohawk up the spine… I am pleased with the way he turned out and am lookin’ forward to painting the rest. I’m thinking I’m going to do a Troll Axer next.

Lastly, I’ll admit that I didn’t do a good job at all of hiding the lines where the model is pinned together. I could have went in with greenstuff and patched it up but I’m not too worried about it… perhaps a project at a later date. As for the bases, well I’ll have to come up with something to use on this army… I’m not going to buy custom bases for these guys like I did my Mercs so I’ll have to get creative. Anyways, thanks for checking it out. Holla!


2 thoughts on “Trollblood Tales: Dire Troll Mauler Complete!

  1. woah! Lookin good!

    I’m 100% in agreeance w/ you. The blue on trollbloods seems a bit absurd. It’s like “hey, I have the roid raging Jersey shore smurfs….with guns” (sans fist pump)

    the brown looks great, and the blue highlights not only pop, but are reminiscent of their azul-heritage.

    • Thanks Zach! I totally agree with you about the smurf thing! I like to go against the grain and really appreciate it when other people can see things differently, just as I can. I figured the blue on him ties him in as well, thanks for pointing that out. Thanks again for checking out my blog!

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