40k Chronicles: Salamanders Devastator Squad.

Used without permission.

It’s been almost 2 weeks since my last post and a lot has been going on that’s prevented me from getting to work on some painting. I’m currently a part of 2 campaigns… one for Warhammer 40k and another for WarmaHordes. Actually playing in those campaigns takes up a good amount of my time and then there’s also the NFL playoffs and another venture that I just began: Star Wars: The Old Republic. Man… it’s an awesome game and I’ve put some of my time into that as well. So now I’m having to find a balance between several things that I enjoy doing…

So yesterday morning I decided that I’m going to begin working on my Salamanders. I’ve been looking at some articles online about Salamanders and it’s always been an army that has intrigued me. I like the color scheme and their fluff. So after perusing some other sites and borrowing a few ideas on how to paint these guys I set to work on my first unit for them: A Devastator Squad. If you’re like me, I don’t really think about how well the unit will perform during the course of a game… rather, I really like the models and that’s how I go about creating my army. So the plan right now is to create about 1,500 points worth of Salamanders, using what I already have.

I’ll post the list at another time but from what I can tell it’s not going to be very competitive, which is ok with me. I am really looking forward to just having a painted Salamanders army. Seriously, it’s been about 5 years that I’ve said I’m going to paint a Salamanders army so now that I’m actually doing it is a relief! So without getting into too much detail I have 3 Tac Squads, 1 unit of Assault Termies, A land speeder Typhoon, a Rhino, and a Dreadnought… and I think an Assault Squad. So the Dev squad was the first to be painted.

Like I said, I don’t really care about how it’ll do on the field, I really just enjoy the models and for whatever reason, I’ve always been drawn to the Devastators. I think it has something to do with the huge guns they carry and the way they look on the battlefield. Also, the stories indicate that a SM Brother that carries a Devastator weapon into battle is highly regarded as a seasoned veteran to his battle brothers. The sound of that makes it very cool. So anyways, I decided to go with 2 Lascannons, a Missile Launcher, and a Plasma Cannon. The Sergeant (not pictured… he’s next…) will have a Storm Bolter and a Power Fist.

I went with flames on the left shoulder pads of the SMs. I tried to paint the Salamander Icon on there at first but I decided that doing that for the entire army would be tough for me as I’m not a very skilled painter in that regard. A lot of the Salamanders fluff has to do with their home planet and it tells of how there’s volcanoes and hot magma and all that good stuff. So I have some ideas in mind of some conversions that I plan on doing (having plenty of LM bits might come in handy here!) I went with the standard “triangle” marking for the Dev squad on the right shoulder pad.

Here’s some pics and I’ll apologize in advance for some of the blurriness and lack of lighting… I took these last night when the sun had already gone down so they’re not the best quality. As I said earlier, the sergeant is coming up next and I’ll hopefully be able to knock him out tonight. Thanks for looking and let me know what you think!


2 thoughts on “40k Chronicles: Salamanders Devastator Squad.

    • Hey, I appreciate that! I tried to do it with the Salamander logo but I don’t have the skill or the patience to do that on all the Marines shoulderpads, so this is what I decided on. Thanks for noticing!

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