2012 Gaming Resolutions Update #1.

Used without permission.

This is going to be the first of several New Year’s Resolution updates that I’ll post throughout the year… If you read my earlier post about my Gaming Resolutions for 2012 then you’ll remember that I said I’d give updates about once a month to let everybody know where I currently stand on the Resolutions I’ve made. So going forward, the plan is to update everybody on the 1st of the month (or as close as I can get to it…) And now that we’ve made it through the first year of 2012, it’s time for an update…

I gotta admit that it hasn’t started out so well… I’ve only had the opportunity to paint a few things so far, although I have done a couple of other things that were not on the list to begin with (I created a lightbox to help me with better quality photos and got sidetracked and began working on my Salamanders army). Here’s the ongoing list of things I plan on doing for 2012:

– Paint 50 points of Trollbloods (WarmaHordes)

– Paint 2,500 points of Orcs & Goblins (Warhammer Fantasy)

– Paint 2,000 points of Deathwing (Warhammer 40K)

– Attend Games Day 2012

– Attend at least 2 major Warhammer Tournaments

– Attend at least 3 local WarmaHordes Tournaments (maybe 1 major one…)

– Attend Adepticon (This may be a little tougher than I anticipate… we’ll see…)

– Paint 35 points of Khador

– Start a new Warhammer Fantasy army

– ***New*** Paint a 1500 point Salamanders Army

Well so far, I’ve begun working on my Trollbloods and was able to knock out the Dire Troll Mauler that I have for my 50 point force. That’s all the work I’ve done on them… However, there is a tournament coming up in March (see right sidebar) that I need to have it all done for so I’m not too concerned about this one. I also began working on my Deathwing and have only officially painted 1 (yes… 1…) model. I have, however, started on the first squad and am about 50% done… about the same for the Chaplain of the army. There’s also a tournament coming up for them that I plan on attending so that has to be knocked out soon as well. Be expecting a lot of updates in the next few weeks concerning the Deathwing. So if I’m able to knock out both the Deathwing and attend both of these local tournaments then I will have already accomplished a good portion of what I set out to do… Here’s to hoping!

The lone Deathwing Terminator I've painted so far...

So after looking through my list of things to do I don’t feel too bad… I’ve been able to do some things… but now that tournaments are looming I really have to re-focus my attention and get things knocked out. Anyways, I’m on my way to keeping in line with what I want to accomplish for 2012 and the journey begins with a single step, right? Well I believe I’ve at least taken the first step! Stay tuned for more updates coming soon. Thanks for checking!


2 thoughts on “2012 Gaming Resolutions Update #1.

  1. So, you decided that you didn’t have enough on your list, so you thought that you would add 1500 points of 40k? I look forward to seeing the progress, especially since the upcoming tournaments will probably kick you into high gear.

    • Lol! Yea, I guess I didn’t have enough… I’m pretty much halfway through the Salamanders so I decided to throw them into the pile…

      Yea, I really think I became a little overzealous with the Deathwing and wanting to get them done so quickly… Guess we’ll see in about 2.5 weeks. Stay tuned! Spoiler alert: 1 squad is done and they’ll grace the Jungles of Lustria page tonight!

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