40K Chronicles: Deathwing Chaplain Cassius To Arms!

Used without permission.

In keeping in line with the Assault Terminators that were completed the other day, today I was able to paint up the Chaplain that will be leading them: Chaplain Cassius! Ever since this model was released a few years ago it has been one of my favorite ones. I have always enjoyed the fluff of the Chaplains… how they wear jet black armor and skull masks to separate them from the rest of their Space Marine brothers. Plus, having one of them in my Deathwing army is an absolute must, as he and his retinue are able to deal out some serious death, bringing a total of 24 power weapon attacks on the charge!

So anyways, I set to work on him this morning and started by adding some gray to black to make it set out a little bit. Black has always been one of the hardest colors to make look good so I figured putting a little bit of blending out to a dull gray would fit just right on here. It’s hard to tell it in these pictures but up close you can see where it fades out to gray. I used a lot of Gryphonne Sepia on this model, moreso than on any other model before but that’s because I was out of Devlan Mud. If you haven’t used them both, there’s definitely an orange tint in the Sepia as opposed to a dark brown from the Devlan. Either way, it turned out ok I think. So here’s a side view of Cassius:

And here’s another one from the back view, showing where I picked out some litanies on the many scrolls and purity seals he has adorned on his black armor:

And another:

And finally, a close, close-up:

Now 1 full squad and a Chaplain have been completed. This is what’s left to do:

– Belial
– Chaplain Cassius
– 5 man Terminator Squad (Infernus)
– 5 man Terminator Squad (Barrage)
– 5 man Terminator Squad (Nike)
– 5 man Terminator Squad (To be named)
– 1 Dreadnought
– Land Raider Crusader
– Land Raider Crusader

One thought on “40K Chronicles: Deathwing Chaplain Cassius To Arms!

  1. It’s a great sculpt of a model and you’ve done a great job painting him as well. Black can be tough, but with a model like this, there’s so much detail on him that you really can skip on the black since the details carry so much weight.

    Nice job.
    Ron, From the Warp

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