40K Chronicles: WIP Belial, Master of the Deathwing!

Used without permission.

Next up on the painting block for me is Belial, Master of the Deathwing. Since there is no “actual” Belial model yet (and I doubt there ever will be…) I came across this guy. I inherited this entire army so some things were already there, like the Deathwing shoulderpads… and now a custom made Belial. I don’t have any problems with how he’s modeled so I kept him the way that he is. I really like the shoulderpads on him… I think they are from a Dreadnought… but I’m not certain…

In any case, I’ve been working on a lot of other things lately. Alas, I’m not going to make it to the tournament at The Game Vault this weekend because – as you can tell – I’m not done with my Deathwing army. I had full intentions of at least being 80% complete but life got in the way as it usually does. If you haven’t seen the progress on the army yet then you can check out Chaplain Cassius and Deathwing Squad Infernus. Also, I’m going to be working on the Trollbloods at the same time because of the tournament on March 17th… I’m determine to get them all done but I’m going to work on both armies at the same time. I just felt like working on Belial at the moment. So anyways, I’m not done with the Deatwhing yet… but I’m still moving forward, and this is what’s up for show today… a WIP Belial…

In his stats, Belial can take a Storm Bolter & the Sword of Secrets, a pair of Lightning Claws, or a Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield. I have never been a fan of the Sword of Secrets so I never intend on using it. Why take it when every other option he gets is a power weapon as well? The re-roll on To Hit is nice, but I like the save from the TH/SS and the re-rolls on wounds (and extra attack) that Lightning Claws gives me. Maybe at some point I’ll add it in just to have the trio of weapon choices… But for now, I decided to give myself the flexibility of using either the TH/SS or the pair of Lightning Claws. I remember that I have a slew of rare earth magnets so I set to work on magnetizing Belial’s arms so that he can be equipped with either piece of the deadly combos! Here’s a shot of the magnets I used to get this to work:

I just drilled 2 small holes into the side of the torso then set the 2 magnets in it and did the same for each pair of weaponry. Very quick to do and it will be effective because it’ll give me the option of going with either.

So here’s Belial with the Lightning Claws:

And here he is with the Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield:

Now all that’s left is to paint him. Hopefully I’ll get to him later this week, possibly even tonight! But just wanted to share the WIP of him so far and show you what I got going on! Let me know what you think! Standby for the painted Belial!
Also, for those keeping track, this is what’s left to do:
– Belial (In work)
– Chaplain Cassius
– 5 man Terminator Squad (Infernus)
– 5 man Terminator Squad (Barrage)
– 5 man Terminator Squad (Nike)
– 5 man Terminator Squad (To be named)
– 1 Dreadnought
– Land Raider Crusader
– Land Raider Crusader

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