Old Stuff Day 2012: An Oldie but Goodie Tales from the Jungle Post.

In honor of Old Stuff Day 2012 I’ve decided to reach back to August of 2011 to a post that received a lot of hits here on my blog. If you follow my blog then you know that I try to add an element of “critical thinking” and insight into my crazy mind in my world famous (at least in my mind) articles titled “Tales From the Jungle”. Well, this article was in reference to Unit Fillers, and how they’ve become a huge part of Warhammer Fantasy… At the time, I had made some Unit Fillers for my Lizardmen army and decided to write an article about it, seeing what everybody thought about the use of them. This article was my highest visited article of all time on my blog – thanks in large part to the guys over at From the Warp and House of Paincakces (you can visit their blogs via link in the right hand column) – and feel like it can use some more attention…

So, here’s an oldie but good from the archives of the Tales From the Jungle… For Old Stuff Day 2012, I present “Tales from the Jungle: Unit Fillers, Practical or the Cheap Way Out?


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