2012 Gaming Resolutions Update #2: Deathwing Grandmaster Belial Complete.

Used without permission.

Finally got around to finishing up the leader of the Deathwing army, Belial. I had recently done some work on him to give him interchangeable arms so that he can wield either a set of lightning claws or a Thunder Hammer and a Storm Shield. Well, I have been pretty busy with friends in town and also figuring out what to do with my living situation, as well as been pretty immersed on my Orcs & Goblins army and getting in a few games with them.

So I decided to do an update to my 2012 Gaming Resolutions as well as an update on the current project: The Deathwing. I must admit that February was a pretty slow month but it only looks that way on the blog… I’ve been doing a ton of things behind the scenes with some other armies of mine like the Beastmen, Daemons of Chaos, and the O&G’s. I’ve also been touching up on my Warmachine / Hordes Mercenaries army and have even started getting things together with the Trollbloods. So while I haven’t posted much on here, rest assured that a lot is going on behind the scenes. Anyways, here’s the ongoing list of things I plan on doing for 2012:

– Paint 50 points of Trollbloods (WarmaHordes)

– Paint 2,500 points of Orcs & Goblins (Warhammer Fantasy)

– Paint 2,000 points of Deathwing (Warhammer 40K – In Work)

– Attend Games Day 2012

– Attend at least 2 major Warhammer Tournaments

– Attend at least 3 local WarmaHordes Tournaments (maybe 1 major one…) (In Work this month and next)

– Attend Adepticon (In my sights!)

– Paint 35 points of Khador

– Start a new Warhammer Fantasy army (Got the Daemons of Chaos In Work!)

– ***New*** Paint a 1500 point Salamanders Army

To knock out a point on the “Attend at least 3 local tournaments” bullet, I’ll hopefully be attending a local tournament held at the Game Vault in Fredericksburg, VA later this month (24th) for a 40k tournament. That will also kick my butt in gear and get these damn Deathwing done… which brings to another bullet, “Paint 2000 points of Deathwing”… so it’ll be like killing 2 birds with one stone if I can pull these off this month. The quest for Adepticon is in sights, and, although I haven’t booked my ticket just yet, I’m still planning on making it at this point, so I’ll keep you in the loop on that one. There are also some local tournaments for WarmaHordes both this month and next, so getting that knocked out shouldn’t be too difficult. So I feel like my 2012 progress is going pretty well, although slow in some areas. I’m hoping March will be a better month – painting-wise.

As for something that I actually did finish, I give you Belial, the Grandmaster of the Deathwing. I finished him off last night and thought I’d snap a couple pics so you can see the finished product. I didn’t finish the TH/SS yet but that won’t take long at all, and I plan on painting it at the same time I’m painting the next squad, which is ready to go tonight. I tried to spell out “Belial” and “Deathwing” on his leg and shoulder litanies… and they turned out ok, but not great. I’m pleased with them though. I’d like to add a cape or something later on to make him stand out a little bit more, he seems to blend right into the rest of the army and I feel like he should be standing out in some way since he’s the leader… I’ll think of something.

Anyways, here’s a pic of Belial:

And the shoulder pad that says “Deathwing”:

And another:

And a last shot of Belial:

Thanks for checking  up and let me know what you think. More to come soon!


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