40K Chronicles: Deathwing Dreadnought Horatio Complete!

Used without permission.

Where oh where did the month of March go??? I was finally able to sit down and look at my blog and realized that it had been over a month since I last posted. As most of us usually encounter, Life has stepped in and taken over a lot of my time and has left with little left over to paint. My bro came down and visited a few weeks ago, I found out I was moving back across the country in a less than 2 months, had another in-law come visit, and then St. Patty’s day came and went… All of that (plus more stuff I haven’t mentioned) has left me with little time to do some modeling / painting. So this morning I found myself alone and decided to finish the Dreadnought that I began a few weeks ago. It was almost like it was taunting me each and every time I walked into my office and it sat there… half painted… So I set to work this morning and told myself that I wouldn’t stop until it’s been done.

Before I get into the actual painting of it, I want this post to also serve as an update to my 2012 Gaming Resolutions. As you’ve already discovered from the words above, I didn’t do much of anything in the month of March so it really set me back. It has actually been about 3 weeks since I last played a game as well… and that was a game of Warmachine. There are no upcoming tournaments so it has been really hard to get focused on one thing since I don’t have the tournament in place to keep me motivated to get my things painted. That said, I won’t be able to make Adepticon this year… even though I paid for it… I knew it was going to be a long shot and then when I thought there was a chance I was going to make it, I find out that I’m going back to Seattle in June. So I decided to start saving as much money as I can in order to get a house when I get back there… and spending $300 on a plane ticket to Chicago didn’t seem like the practical thing to do. So anyways, I’ll just have to check the several blogs of people that will attend next weekend and get and idea of how it went. Hopefully next year… Here’s the 2012 Gaming Resolutions list so far:

– Paint 50 points of Trollbloods (WarmaHordes – In Work)

– Paint 2,500 points of Orcs & Goblins (Warhammer Fantasy)

– Paint 2,000 points of Deathwing (Warhammer 40K – In Work)

– Attend Games Day 2012

– Attend at least 2 major Warhammer Tournaments

– Attend at least 3 local WarmaHordes Tournaments (maybe 1 major one…) (In Work this month and next)

Attend Adepticon (Won’t be able to make it… sigh…)

– Paint 35 points of Khador

Start a new Warhammer Fantasy army (Done!)

– Paint a 1500 point Salamanders Army

Anyways, I set to painting Horatio this morning and went with the standard Dreadnought look. Bone armour and DA Green arms with the red storm bolter, to match the rest of the army. This is another custom base that matches the rest of the army as well… I believe it’s shale or something like that. I do have a few more variants of the arms for Horatio but I’ll usually go with the default Assault Cannon & Power Fist, so that’s what you see here. Also sticking with the rest of the army, I painted the power fist blue… to make it stand out. Here’s Horatio:

And here’s a different view:

And another view:

Up close and personal:

And another:

Sorry for the delay in posts… but March was a busy month and I anticipate the next few months will be close to the same, though I’m going to try harder to paint when I can and post more. When I have to move back to Seattle, I’m going to ship my hobby things so that I don’t have to deal with the moving company handling them the way they do. When I moved here I had several things turn up broken, so I figure that I will spend the money and pack it myself so that I’ll have the peace of mind knowing that if it does break, it was my fault… So yea, I got a lot going on and I’m looking forward to the next several months, trying to get things back in order, and starting over in Seattle again, hopefully finding a good gaming group out there (I’ll be living in a different area than where I was last time)… So there it is so far, as always, thanks for checking out my blog!

Lastly, for those of you keeping track, here’s what’s left to paint to complete my Deathwing army:

– Deathwing Grandmaster Belial

– Chaplain Cassius

– 5 man Terminator Squad (Infernus)

– 5 man Terminator Squad (Barrage)

– 5 man Terminator Squad (Nike)

– 5 man Terminator Squad (Nixxus)

1 Dreadnought (Horatio)

– Land Raider Crusader (Next!)

– Land Raider Crusader


2 thoughts on “40K Chronicles: Deathwing Dreadnought Horatio Complete!

  1. I like the use of the green on the model. Most of the time the whole thing is painted bone. The green breaks that up here.
    Nice work.
    Ron, FTW

    • Thanks, Ron! That’s true, I’ve seen a lot of DW Dreads that are painted bone only… While that’s a cool effect as well, I thought I’d mix it up and go with the green arms and legs. Thanks for noticing!

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