Trollblood Tales: Troll Axer and Impaler Join the Ranks!

Used without permission.

Today I was able to dedicate some time to getting my Trollbloods army complete. In taking one step closer to completion, I finished up the Troll Axer and Troll Impaler, both light warbeasts for the Trolbloods army. CTK and I are going through a campaign that involves 3 of us and we are looking to start this upcoming Tuesday so it has gotten me interested / motivated to start working on the Trollbloods again. We are doing a hex-based campaign called the Warmachine Conquest Campaign and it will be very short but we are just looking for an opportunity to play some games and put the armies to good use. I’ll also be using my blog to give updates each week that we make our moves. The standard format is that the campaign is turn-based and we each have options of fortifying our hexes and generating Resource Points. After 20 rounds, whoever has the most… wins… Pretty simple and straightforward! So here’s a picture of the quickly put-together campaign board:

As for the models that were painted, the Axer and the Impaler, I went with the standard look that I chose on my Dire Troll Mauler because I didn’t want to use the normal blue color for them. I like the brownish look to them that I chose and so kept in line while painting these guys. I noticed there’s a lot of small details on each of these models like the small Trollblood Whelp that is peekin his head out of the Axer’s bag and the 2 chickens that are attached to the Impaler’s belt. Both really help to make the models stand out and I think it really drives home the nature of the Trollbloods theme. Here’s a pic of both the Axer and Impaler:

As for gaming terms, I usually use both of these guys in just about every list I use… the Impaler being very effective at taking down big things with his critical strike (shooting attack) and the Axer being able to take on buku’s of light infantry with his Thresher attack. As far as I’m concerned, both of these guys are auto-includes in the Trollbloods army and now this adds the base battlegroup for my army… A Troll Axer, Troll Impaler, and a Dire Troll Mauler. Here’s another pic of both of them:

And a single of the Impaler:

Another of the Impaler (side view – notice the chickens!):

And of the Axer:

And a side view of the Axer (Trollblood Whelp in the bag!)

I believe I’m going to work on both Borka Kegslayer and Madrak Ironhide – both warlocks – next because I tend to switch between the two when playing this army. They both have some very good benefits and they work well… it’s hard to tell who’s actually better. At any rate, I was able to get the paintbrushes going and got some models knocked out… I’ll have an update when I’m on to the next ones… As always, thanks for reading/looking!


2 thoughts on “Trollblood Tales: Troll Axer and Impaler Join the Ranks!

  1. NIce painting. How big are these miniatures? They look pretty tough customers, especially the Axer.

    I’ll be interested to read about the campaign too; I’m always keen to see how people get on keeping enthusiasm from all players.

    • The minis are pretty good sized… They are light warbeasts which means they are like the size of a small dreadnought…. They are very good in gaming terms as well. The Axer can attack every model in his LOS with his special attack!

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