Jungles of Lustria Rediscovered! (All that’s been going on with me…)


Used without permission.

Hey all… Been a very long time since I posted, over 6 months in fact! I can’t believe it’s been so long but I’ve been doing a TON of traveling with my job and have really just now settled back into my own place. So much has happened over the last year… First of all – I just celebrated 2 years of blogging, though you could argue that it’s only been a little over a year. I made a list of 2012 Gaming Resolutions that I never really got to finish up (or even start!) because real life got in the way. So be on the lookout for 2013 Gaming Resolutions coming soon. Now that I have some time I’m going to spend it getting back into the hobby and getting things painted and, more importantly, actually start playing again!

A couple things to mention: My Lizardmen were nearly 100% obliterated in the move from Maryland back to Washington and I still haven’t had the proper time to get them all together. I took some pictures of the aftermath but I don’t have it at the moment (so I’ll post it later) and it looks horrible. My Slann’s base was ripped apart, pieces broken, all my Terradons came apart (and those things a a bitch to put together!), Salamanders broken, Razordons too… Even my freakin’ display board got crushed! The unit that took the biggest brunt of it was my Temple Guard unit. These are the old metal ones so all of their halberds were broken, bent, or both. It’s gonna take some work to get it all sorted out but alas, I’m determined. Most of it just needs to be glued back together and then do some touch-ups with paint. And, since I’ve recently decided to participate in The TSHFT Open, I’ll have to do it rather quickly.

Which brings me to my second thing to mention: The TSHFT Open. It just so happens that there’s going to be a 2,500 point WFB GT in Seattle on January 19th and 20th and since I’ll be back in town I’m going to participate. Even though it’s been a while since I’ve played there’s no better way of learning than trial by fire, right? I’m sure it’ll be like riding a bicycle… If I can get my Lizardmen all put together and get the display board back in tip top shape, then I still should be able to challenge for the Best Painted Army… at least that’s the hope. And if I can walk outta there with 2 or so wins then I’ll consider the tournament a success. So be on the lookout for some army list posts and updates to the army in the next few weeks as I prep to get back into the tournament scene. If anybody is in the Seattle area, feel free to join me. A weekend spent gaming is a weekend well spent in my opinion. If you need some info about the tournament, please click the link at the beginning of this paragraph.

The last thing to mention is a combination of what I plan to do with The Jungles of Lustria blogsite… I’ve seen some armies come and go over the last several months and the same holds true for different types of games. I no longer have my Orcs & Goblins army, same with the Dwarfs. However, I have acquired both a Daemons of Chaos army and a Beastmen army. Those are going to be 2 projects you’ll see over the next few months. When it comes to WarmaHordes, I no longer have the Trollbloods or the Khador army, I just held onto my completely painted Mercenary army. And since I rarely play that game anymore, I figured I didn’t have any use for the other armies. I did, however, want to keep the Mercs in case that rare game arises. I plan on bringing the “Tales from the Jungle” series back out with some new, original content. I’ve had a long time to stew over some good articles and I hope you’ll be impressed with some of the material. For 40k, I don’t know anything about the new edition so that’s gonna be a learning experience but I hear the Dark Angels are next up, so I may be able to bring the Deathwing out of retirement and finish off the remainder of them. That way I’ll be a well-rounded gamer and dabble in both WHFB, WH40k, and WarmaHordes. I hope to add some new projects along the way and it’ll all be on this blog. I’m very anxious and looking forward to getting back into gaming. I feel like there’s so much more to mention but I’ll leave the first post of 2013 with what I have so far. Just be on the look out for lots of new stuff coming down the pipe. And since the TSHFT Open is so close, plan on reading a lot of stuff related to this very soon. Thanks to everybody that has continued to follow my blog and I ask that you please continue to do so (and tell others!) Other than that…

Happy 2013 everybody, let’s make it a great year!


8 thoughts on “Jungles of Lustria Rediscovered! (All that’s been going on with me…)

  1. Hey man glad to hear you are back in the gaming scene, sorry to hear that your lizards are not in great shape, shame they didn’t travel well. Looking forward to following ya here.

    • Dude! I didn’t even know you were still around! Do you still game? Has the gaming scene gotten better out there? What are you working on now? Glad to see you’re still on here man, good hearing from you!

      • Been doing great, still gaming I’ve picked up a circle army, quite a sizable one at that, got about 200 points. Mostly painted too, still quick and easy but it looks nice. We play every Wednesday at least we got a tournament coming up at Larry’s on the 20th. So gaming has been good

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