Weekend update: TSHFT Open Warhammer Fantasy Battle cancelled here in Seattle…

Used without permission.

Used without permission.

Well it appears that the Warhammer Fantasy portion of The TSHFT Open, which was scheduled to take place this upcoming weekend, January 19th and 20th, here in Seattle, WA has been cancelled on account of not enough interest. Pretty disappointing for me because it was supposed to be my first time back in action in about a year or so. I was ready to re-field the grand host of the Lizardmen and hopefully walk away with a win or two and some great war stories that can be told time and time again… But alas, it was not to be. Apparently the Fantasy portion of Warhammer is not that huge here in the Pacific Northwest… Of course it falls 2nd place to Warhammer 40k, which seems to be the norm nationwide… Their 40k portion of the event is still a go and they’re expected to have a pretty big turnout… They offered the few that signed up for WFB to upgrade to the 40k tournament but since my army is not yet ready I opted for the refund. I’m hoping somebody here in the Seattle area shows some interest and gets Warhammer Fantasy going around here… I know there’s lots of players here, just none that are that big into the tournament scene. Any viewers of my blog from here in Seattle? Let’s work together and try to get it up and going here in the Pacific Northwest!

So now I can focus my efforts solely on The West Coast GT, which will be held March 9-10 in Santa Ana, CA. I already have tickets for the flight, hotel, and tournament booked so that’s one I’m really looking forward to. I’m trying to get my bro HornedRatRob to join me there for that one so we can have more than one representative from the B.A.W.G.S. gaming group there, but he’s on the fence. So head on over to his blog and let him know that he needs to suck it up and just make the flight out there. There’s currently 33 players signed up for the West Coast GT so it should be an excellent turnout and I’m sure some great battles will be fought.

One of the good things (for me) about the TSHFT Open being cancelled this upcoming weekend is that it now gives me a chance to really get my army back together, fix the display board, and finish up the loose ends that I have with painting a model here and there. It also allows me to get a few games under my belt so I can get a refresher on how to actually play the game. By the time the GT gets here, I should be primed and ready to go. I’m hoping to get everything in work when I’m off tomorrow so there will be some progress pics of where I’m at on everything so you can see where I’m at. It might even turn out to be a weekend to get back into the local GW store and squeeze in a game, or, at the very least, pick up the new codex for the Dark Angels…

Anyways, just wanted to let everybody know what’s going on. Be looking for another post tomorrow about the status of the (broken and in-pieces) Lizardmen and follow their return to glory (or at least their return to being 100% put together). Thanks for reading, as always.


11 thoughts on “Weekend update: TSHFT Open Warhammer Fantasy Battle cancelled here in Seattle…

  1. Oh man!
    Bummer about the cancellation. I always thought that Seattle would have a large WHFB contigency.
    Do you think Warmachine tapped some of the playerbase?

    I’m about to start my countdown to West Coast Hammertime GT!
    so get ready!

    • I think PP definitely has something to do with it but the bigger thing is that I notice most WFB guys are casual gamers and don’t really wanna compete in a tournament setting… Maybe I can change that…

      And I’m gonna set up a countdown as well to the GT! That’ll be a good idea! Thanks!

  2. Sorry to hear about the cancellation o the GT man. I know I would have enjoyed reading the battle reports. We also had somthing similar happen down here in Texas with the long time running Lone Wolf in Dallas was canceled for this year because last years attendance was slightly off. We usually have 4 big GT’s a year so hopfully someone else will pickup the slack.

    • Can’t believe the Lone Wolf is gone! I wonder why? Surely they had enough people supporting it… Last time I was there it had 96 players… So maybe they got too involved with prize support that the money coming in wasn’t covering it…? Sucks, that was one of the better GTs out there. Maybe it’ll make a comeback. What others are you attending this year? Maybe we can meet up…

      • The for sure ones are the Bayou Battles (Houston) and The Alamo (San Antonio) as I can’t make Capitol City Carnage (Austin) as that is vacation time. The L2 guys travel down here so I was thinking about going to one of theirs in Ca called the Quake City Rumble but ill probably have to wait until next year for that.

      • I’ve heard of the quake city rumble… I think zebrazach knows what’s up with it. Maybe next year. As for the ones you mentioned, I’ll look into em, it’d be good to get together and kick some ass again. I’ll let you know what I find out.

  3. That’s too bad that they cancelled it. I was going to put some comment about “upgrading to the 40k event from Fantasy”, but I will refrain. Maybe there is better support for that portion which makes it better. I look forward to seeing your progress on bringing the Lizards back.

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