West Coast Fantasy GT Readiness: Final WHFB Army List, v8.0.

Used without permission.

It’s been awhile, and I’ll admit I’ve been slacking… but on February 25th our army lists for The West Coast GT are due, and I think I’ve gotten mine figured out. This list has been my bread and butter for a while now, and I seem to do pretty well with it. Although now, the only problem is that I’m debating about whether I should swap out the Terradons for another unit of Skink Skirmishers and bulk out the Saurus unit or just keep the Terradons in… Help me out with that!!! In addition to tweaking my list, I’ve also updated my display board (post coming soon) to better group my army and show a constant theme throughout. One other requirement for the West Coast GT is that we need to have a model to represent the “Housewife of the OC” in the second scenario. So I have something in mind for that so stay tuned for an update about that paint job coming soon. The hotel is booked… the flight is booked… now I just need to hone my army skills and I plan on hitting up the local GW Battle Bunker over the next few weekends to get back in the swing of things. I’ll take all the practice I can get between now and then. This West Coast GT looks like a ton of fun, and the scenarios are awesome (as well as pretty funny) so I’m hoping they really pull through and deliver a high quality Grand Tournament. It’d be a nice breath of fresh air… So, here’s to hoping! And without further ado, here’s my GT army list:


Oldblood Qett’l-Korn with the Armour of Destiny, Carnosaur Pendant, and Halberd. Mounted on the Carnosaur Chim-i’ Chan’qa.

Swapped out the Dawnstone that I originally had on him in order to give it to the Skink Priest (mentioned later). So, he’s still packin’ 6 Strength 6 attacks and the Carnosaur is bringin’ 5 Strength 7 of his own. The Frenzy is always kinda scary… kinda like a double-edged sword but I’m usually always willing to take a chance, which is why I stick to it. The Thunderstomp is always a bonus, and is one of the main reasons I keep going back to the Carnosaur. His survivability tends to fluctuate depending on the opponent (Stone throwers… gulp!) but I usually fair pretty well. Plus, this model is the one I consider the “centerpiece” to my army, as it’s my best converted and painted model (in my opinion).

OB Qett’l-Korn, atop his loyal Carnosaur Chim-I’ Chan’qa…


Scar-Veteran Bro’qin Bot’l as the BSB. Has a shield, Armour of Fortune, and Sword of Striking.

Bro’qin Bot’l serves as the BSB for the army and has a 2+ AS and a 5+ WS thanks to the Armour of Fortune. I decided to go with the Sword of Striking in order to give him the +1 to hit. So he has 4 Strength 5 Attacks… and if I’m able to get into combat against normal troops I’ll usually be needing 2’s to hit, which is never a bad thing. Keeping him alive has always been a struggle for me, so I’m hoping the low AS and the good WS is enough to see me through. He will go in the unit of 29 Saurus Warriors.

Bro’qin Bot’l, gripping the Standard tight!

Skink Witch Doctor Ho’qus Po’qus upgraded to Level 2 and Dawnstone and Dispel Scroll. Mounted on an Engine of the Gods.

The Engine of the Gods is an awesome model… one of my favorite of all time to be exact. With the Skink Doctor Ho’qus Po’qus mounted up top, he can do The Burning Alignment spell, and is even carrying a Dispel Scroll and Dawnstone. I love the Stegadon model too much to not include him in my army. Being able to get a couple of Heavens spells will help me out in the CC phase. I went with the Dawnstone because, being a Skink, the priest will surely get targeted in hand to hand combat, so re-rolls on failed AS’s (of 2+ thanks to the howdah!) was the way to go for me.


29 Saurus Warriors with Hand Weapon & Shield and Full Command.

Main unit. HW/Shield combos. This is where the Bro’qin Bot’l (BSB) will go.

Saurus Warriors complete with unit filler.

28 Saurus Warriors with Spears & Shield and Full Command.

Supporting unit. I’ve had good luck with the Spears and I like the way I painted the unit.

10 Skink Skirmishers w/javelins.

Helping to round out the core units, this unit has been upgraded to have javelins to give them the Always Stand & Shoot ability.


5 Chameleon Skinks.

Too valuable not to have. Bookend threats (see below) that will help me to take out the stuff behind enemy lines. Double tapping gives me 10 shots that will need 6’s at worst, which is what I’m looking for anyways (poison FTW!).

1 Unit of Chameleons.

5 Chameleon Skinks.

The 2nd unit of Chameleons.

4 Terradons.

Another behind-enemy-lines unit. I swapped these guys out (and the 10 Skink Skirmishers) for the Skrox unit. The Vanguard rule comes in handy at the beginning of the game. The Drop Rocks special rule is good for taking out the small units also. (This is the unit I’m having trouble with… I am aware of these guys use(s)… but I can’t help but go back and forth with just taking another unit of 10 Skink Skirmishers and using the remaining points to bulk out the Saurus Warriors (I can get 4 more added to the unit)). What do you guys think? Terradons? Or more Skinks and Saurus?


Used without permission.

Ancient Stegadon.

Bigger, better, meaner version of the regular Stegadon. Strength 6, Giant Blowpipes that do 2D6 shots with poison and the Thunderstomp. Having the extra Thunderstomp in HtH helps out a lot. Just need to get him into CC.



Salamanders have grown to be a must have for me. Especially considering the new rules for flames in this edition. It’s just not a good idea to not include these guys. They can deal out a ton of damage and, because they’re skirmishers, they can march and still spout flames.

That comes to 2,496 points. If I decide to swap out the Terradons then that frees up 40 points, which totals 44 in all. That is enough for 4 more Saurus Warriors to spread out to either unit. The Terradons do their job well, but they are also pretty easily killed. Somebody help me make a decision! I’ve always enjoyed the “Big Dinosaur” list and have always opted to not play the Slann. I usually pull in somewhere around the middle of the pack with this list and have even won a tournament with it, and got 2nd in another. Once I make the decision on the Terradons then I’ll go forward and send it to the TO’s at the West Coast GT. My plan is to give updates throughout the weekend of the tournament and hopefully give “game-by-game” updates. I’ll have my laptop with me so all I need to do is get an internet connection and I’ll be able to show everybody the progress of the tourney. Please let me know your thoughts and I’ll be posting my display board soon! As always, thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “West Coast Fantasy GT Readiness: Final WHFB Army List, v8.0.

  1. YES!
    about time you post, slacker.

    The list looks good. That Carnasaur lord is a wrecking ball. I’d rather him have the dawnstone. The skink may live, but he needs to to keep the combat going.

    Not sure about spears on that one group.

    I’d go with the terradons. they look cool, are fun to play with / against and everyone is so over skinked that they’ll think your army is way more fun.

    that and it’s a great threat to WMs early on and can drop rocks on chaff.

    • Lol! Sorry for the lack of posting… I’m back to it now! I’m really excited about the tournament and looking forward to meeting you there.

      I’ve gone back and forth with the Dawnstone but I know the Skink Priest gets targeted a whole lot more. Time and time again when I do take it off of him it never fails that he gets killed… As for the spears, I’ve heard debates both ways. My thoughts are you can’t really go wrong and since I already have the unit done, why not?

      Thanks for the response to the Terradons. They are just so good but they are also vulnerable. They are excellent WM hunters, too… Looking forward to it!

  2. Hah. I know how that is.
    fluffing a 1 up AS on your main caster…not fun.

    I say take the Terradons. They look awesome, count as skirmishers and are more mobile.

    your army is going to look amazing. Can’t wait to see the display boards.

    mine will be laughable. I got these guys in the mail late November and am frantically trying to get them ready!

  3. That Carnasaur model looks really nice, and your unit filler for the Warriors looks really good, too. I look forward to hearing how your games go.

    I would say to go for the Terradons, but I don’t have any real tactical reason for backing that up. Maybe I just hate how effective the skinks are at destroying my elves… I’ve never faced Terradons, but flying generally seems to be a nice tool.

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