West Coast GT Final Preparations!


Used without permission.

Well, I just checked the West Coast GT webpage and it looks like there’s a total of 48 players signed up for this weekend. I’ve been talking with zebrazach over at A Nerd Also Rises and it looks as though we’re gonna get into some BIG THINGS this weekend! The bags are packed, the army is ready to go, and I got my lucky dice! I fly out tonight about 6:45 and then I’ll be ready to go first thing in the morning at 9:00 AM Pacific Time. I’m really looking forward to meeting a lot of new people and getting to see lots of new armies. I plan on taking lots of pics as well and will post on Saturday night how the first round of the tournament went. As always, if I can get away with 2-3 wins this weekend then I’d be satisfied. I have always played this game just for the camaraderie so getting a weekend away – especially in SoCal – will be a nice change of pace. I hear the weather supposed to be mid 70s and sunny… Much different than here in gloomy Seattle.

I believe I have all that I need now. Army lists, army, dice, bags… The one concern that I have is my display board. I’ve never traveled with it and as I was packing it this morning I just know it’s gonna get banged up. If I was handling it then I’m pretty sure it’d be fine but I know how those airline bag handlers work so I’m preparing for the worst. I wrapped it in towels for extra padding and then put clothing both on top and bottom of it. Hopefully it’s reinforced enough that it makes the trip and I don’t have to have a surprise post about how damaged my display board got…

So anyways, I’m just a handful of hours away until we take off. I’m excited about playing again and getting back into the gaming scene. Stay tuned and check back as I’ll hopefully have an updated after the first round of games. Holla!


8 thoughts on “West Coast GT Final Preparations!

  1. Good luck! I anxious to see how the Lizards do. I’m assuming you expect to see a lot of Chaos (WoC & CD’s), Empire and other new books.

    • Because they have the data readily available on their website, and because I’ve been thought to think like an engineer… I did a breakdown of each of the armies. It’s as follows:

      WoC: 7
      Dark Elves: 6
      Ogres: 6
      Wood Elves: 5
      VC: 3
      Lizardmen: 3 (me!)
      Skaven: 3
      High Elves: 3
      Empire, Dwarfs, Chaos Dwarfs, DoC, O&G’s, TK: 2
      and 1 lone Beastmen player…

      I expected WoC and DE to be at the top per the us(ual)….

      So I fully anticipate to play at least 1 WoC and 1 DE player, if not more. I’ll consider myself lucky if I can pull the game against the lone Beastmen guy…

  2. Six ogre armies and only 3 Skaven? I would have thought the opposite. And only 2 Empire players. That is nothing like I was expecting.

    • Same to you, bro. Thanks again for all the hospitality and getting me to where I needed to go. I’ll be updating my blog today. Lookin’ forward to some future meetups.

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